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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 7 (Thursday 21 August 2003)
Flood, Fluff and Fire
Previously ...
Sim Brother provided the housemates with computers and limited internet access. However, Ruud used some advanced knowledge and managed to hack into the TSZ Livestream site and find out what the polls were. The room was closed off. For those expecting the relationship between Will and Britney to go any further, Will refused to let her share his bed. She was very upset when she got out.

Breakfast and Breakages
8.46am - Will is preparing breakfast and Hillary comes to the Diary Room
Sim Brother (RL) - "Hi, Hillary, how are you?"
Hillary - "I'm quite good, sweetie. Any idea when the task will be?"
SB - "I've always wanted to say this ... Sim Brother will get back to you"
12.08pm - Graham manages to flood the kitchen by clogging the sink up.
12.42pm - When he comes to the bathroom to clean up, Maggie finds cockroaches in the bathroom - "Urggh, horrible creepy little thing"
Graham - "Really, Maggie! Little and creepy, yes, but I'm not that horrible"
1.07pm - To add to the breakage in the kitchen, one of the sinks in the bathroom has broken. Will gets to work repairing it.
2.18pm - While Will repairs the bathroom sink, Ruud repairs the kitchen sink.

Bitter Britney
5.34pm - Graham and Britney are playing pool. Graham asks her about Will.
Britney - "Don't talk to me about that puffed up schoolboy. I don't want to see him again or hear him whining on about his dad and his grandma not being pleased."
Graham - "He's 2nd in line to the throne. He could have you locked up."
Britney - "Well, I don't want to be locked up with him in here any longer. I want to go."
Sim Brother (AR) - "Could all housemates gather on the sofas in the lounge ... and get a move on!"

The Weekly Task

7.00pm - All of the housemates are gathered on the couches in the lounge.
Sim Brother (AR) - "Finally, you're all here. Glad to see two of you have made the effort and got dressed. Have the other six of you just got out of bed? ... Anyway, you're here. This isn't the weakest sim, although you seem to be a miserable house of weaklings, anyway. I will ask each of you in turn a question about one of the others. You are only allowed one mistake, otherwise you will have failed miserably...

"Ruud, what is the name of William's younger brother?
Ruud - "Harry"
SB - "That is the correct answer .... Maggie, Hillary is senator for which state?"
Maggie - "New York"
SB - "That is also the correct answer .... Oprah, George recently starred in the remake of which rat-pack movie?"
Oprah - "Oceans Eleven"
SB - "Correct ... Graham, what was Britney's first hit?"
Graham - "Justin Timberlake ... oh !! You meant her first record. It was 'One More Time' ... although I'm sure she kept saying that to Justin"
Britney - "I DID NOT !! I hate you, you effeminist!"
SB - "Children !! ... Graham, I have to take the first answer you gave and it was incorrect. House, you cannot make any more mistakes, otherwise you will have failed the challenge ... Britney, which country singer has Graham visited?"
Britney - "Dolly Parton ... and I wish he'd stayed there."
SB - "That is correct ... George, which doctor has Oprah done her show with?"
George - "That's easy. Doctor Phil."
SB - "That is the right answer ... Hillary, what role does Maggie play in the Harry Potter movies?"
Hillary - "Err ... Professor McGonagle"
SB - "Correct ... and Will, Ruud is from which country?"
Will - "That's easy. Ruud is from Denmark!"
SB - "Will ... that answer is incorrect. Ruud is from the Netherlands or Holland."

"House, with two incorrect answers, you have failed your task."

Hillary - "Will, with all your travelling, how could you have got that answer wrong?"
Will - "I thought it was a trick question"
SB - "Until the next weekly task, you will now have only burgers and what you can grow to live on. Also, the pool room is sealed until further notice."

Bad-tempered Britney
8.30pm - Britney comes to the Diary Room.
Britney - "I know this is from another show but I'm a celebrity, get me outta here." Sim Brother (AR) - "Why do you want to go, Britney?"
Britney - "I don't want to be in the same house as Will, I don't have my own PJs and gardening will break my nails"
SB - "This request will be considered. Tomorrow, Sim Brother will get back to you."

Flamegrilled Barbecue
11.36pm - George is grilling burgers for supper.

11.46pm - Ten minutes later, the barbecue bursts into flames and George passes out from the fumes.


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