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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 8 (Friday 22 August 2003)
Britney's Choice
Previously ...
The day started with two broken sinks, the housemates failed their first weekly task, Britney threatened to leave and George's barbecue burst into flames.

Defeating the flames

1.07am - Ruud, Maggie and George, who was woken up from his collapse, bravely fight the flames. It took quite an effort but they finally won the battle against the garden inferno.
2.33am - Ruud is eating the plate of burgers - "A bit burnt but they taste good, nevertheless"
The waste is still a problem - "Can anything be done about this, George?"
George - "I'll see Sim Brother later today,"

Good morning, housemates
7.24am - It is the morning of Day 8 in the Sim Brother house. The housemates have now been here for just over a week. Graham is one of the first housemates up. He missed the fire. Maggie is still up. She hasn't been to sleep. After briefly talking about the fire, there is another subject of conversation
Graham - "Britney isn't a happy bunny. Our royal housemate has got on her bad side."
Maggie - "Oh dearie me. I wonder how this one will play out."
Graham - "It will be interesting to watch. Clash of the Icons - Rock v Royal"
10.49am - Most of the housemates were getting some more sleep as the fire had kept most of them up during the night. Will had slept during the night on the floor and wanting some proper sleep, he is annoyed to find all the beds to be occupied - "Sim Brother, I want my own room. This isn't fair."

Irregular Sleep and a Request
4.07pm - Graham is still asleep on the couch. All of the housemates have been asleep and Ruud is the first one up and showers.
6.14pm - Most of the house is stirring by now. George is eating some potato chips and Hillary notices as she walks by. Hillary - ""Not doing a barbecue today, George?"
George - "Taking a raincheck on that today, Hilly."

6.28pm - George comes to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (AR) - "Hello, George. What are you here for?"
George - "Somehow I seem to have the job of house delegate but we're having trouble keeping this place tidy. Could you put us some wastebins out or a waste disposal unit in the kitchen? Nothing fancy."
Sim Brother (AR) - "Just bins, eh? Sim Brother can do that for you"
George - "Thankyou very much. Has anyone told you that you have a really sexy voice?"
SB - "Get out of here before I change my mind. Goodbye ;)"

A Dilemma for Britney
8.58pm - Britney is dancing in the bathroom with Ruud
Sim Brother (AR) - "Britney, please come to the diary room."
Britney - "Darn. I was having some fun. Hopefully, you can tell me the difference between football and soccer when I get back"
Sim Brother (AR) - "Yesterday, you expressed a desire to leave. The door is there. You have ten seconds to decide whether to stay or to go. If you choose to stay, you void your right to leave voluntarily."
Britney - "Wow ... that's a kinda hard choice."
SB - "Your time to decide starts now....."
Britney did not need to take 10 seconds. Despite her starting to get to know Ruud, it is not enough. Britney leaves the Sim Brother house.

What next?

10.24pm - The housemates have been informed of Britney's leaving.
Ruud - "It's a pity she left. I was starting to get to know her."
Will - "She was alright in small doses but I know grandma would not approve"
George - "Anyway, with it being so early in the game, Sim Brother is bound to replace her. I just wonder who takes her place."

Behind the camera
For those of you who think it happens exactly as you see, you're wrong. It took me SEVEN takes in order to get the housemates to put the fire out without any of them dying. These are just two of the pics of what could have happened.

Tune in tomorrow for the first interview special as well as the daily news.


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