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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 9 (Saturday 23 August 2003)
A Special Task
Previously ...
The housemates are sleeping irregularly and following losing their first task, morale is low. Britney had become the first leaver of Sim Brother III and had left by the back door, much to the surprise of the housemates who didn't know she was going. Can Sim Brother do anything to lift their spirits?

Busy Graham
DAY 9 - 12.05am Graham is watering the flowers. Following his efforts her, he continues with tidying up the mess in the kitchen - "Nice waste disposal unit, Sim Brother. It makes my work easier. Such a shame nobody else seems to be tidying up today"

Life After Britney
2.48am - Will has again collapsed on the floor from exhaustion. Not in the mood to help him up and get him to bed, Ruud and George are shooting a few baskets.
George - "I can't get over why Britney left. Growing our own should be no big deal."
Ruud - "It might not be the fact that we lost ... it might be more the fact that WHO lost us the task is what matters."
4.12am - Will is awake and is helping himself to a cup of coffee. When he went to the bathroom, Hillary asked him about his view on the balance of power with Britney going.
Hillary - "George will not be as strong in his position without his lapdog. I am best qualified to give us some leadership."
Will - "Yes, you are better qualified. Senator, former First Lady, yes ... almost as good as being the son of the heir to the throne. Together, we could whip these housemates into shape."
7.25am - Hillary is preparing breakfast on the infamous barbecue. Oprah catches Will on his way to bed and asks him about the romance that never was.
Oprah - "You and Britney looked like you had it made. The King of England and the Queen of Pop. What a match! But what went wrong?"
Will - "She wasn't the girl for me, Opera. I couldn't have taken her home to dad. He might like the Three Degrees but I don't think Britney is up his boulevard. As for grandma, well ... she's got a symphony orchestra if she wants some music. No, they wouldn't have approved."
Oprah - "Wally, forget them. You could have had it made. Two young kids. Love in the air. What happens? You blow her out and she goes. You've made a big mistake there. Think about it."

Afternoon Ponderings
3.10pm - The housemates have had their usual siesta. George and Ruud are both asleep on the lawn in the garden. Oprah is talking to Graham about the romance that never was.
Graham - "I totally agree. Those two would have spiced up this house no end. I can't see any other romances ... but it depends who comes in to replace her. Christine Aguilera, perhaps?"
Oprah - "Now THAT would be interesting ... but would she go for Will or Ruud?"
Graham - "My money is on Ruud. Will is a wally. He blew his chance."
4.00pm - Will is giving the housemates his theories about getting up in the world - "If you don't wear the right tie, you are just not going to get there."
Hillary - "Err ... what happen if you're a woman and don't wear a tie?"
Ruud - "I'm a good footballer and I don't wear a tie. Does that mean I am not going to get anywhere?"
Will - "You are the exceptions that prove the rule"

A Special Task
4.15pm - Sim Brother (JEJ) - "This is Sim Brother. The first housemate who gets to the Diary Room will have a special assignment which involves temporarily leaving the Sim Brother house"

Maggie was the one to win the task, narrowly beating Graham
Graham - "You lucky thing, you're probably going to the Sim Brother house in Africa for a week"

SB - "Will all other housemates leave the Diary Room?". After the other housemates leave, Sim Brother continues. "Congratulations, Maggie. You are going out for an hour to Cameron Gardens to buy seeds for the Sim Brother garden. You are not to communicate with anyone outside of the house except in the line of buying seeds. Otherwise, you will be expelled from the Sim Brother house. Do you understand?"
Maggie - "Loud and clear, dear. I'll just get dressed and I'll be on my way."

Backbreaking Work
7.42pm - Although Maggie got a trip to a store she had never seen before, she did not expect that she would have to plant all of the seeds she got - "Next time, Graham can go and get them"
11.45pm - Three hours later, she is still there planting.


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