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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 10 (Sunday 24 August 2003)
A Bitter Reward
Previously ...
The housemates spent Saturday getting used to Britney not being there and wondering who might be replacing her. Maggie won a special task ... to go to the market and get seeds for the garden. After returning, she spent her time planting the sides in the vegetable garden. Is this all her reward was?

Early Hours
4.34am - Maggie is still there planting lettuce seeds. It looks like she has got backache from her exertions.

George has just got up and is cleaning the kitchen out and emptying the waste disposal unit.

Maggie's Choice
8.48am - Maggie has slept on one of the loungers in the garden and has made burgers for breakfast. She has had only four hours sleep.
Sim Brother (RL) - "Could Maggie come to the diary room, please?"
Maggie - "If Sim Brother wants me to do any more shopping, she's got another thing coming"
Sim Brother - "Hi, Maggie"
Maggie - "Hello, Sim Brother. What can I do for you today?"
SB - "Oh no, it's nothing like that. Because of what you did yesterday, the pool and PC rooms are going to be opened up today and food will be provinded. All of the housemates can share in it ... but two. You choose who you don't want to join in."
Maggie - "That's cruel. There are nominations tomorrow."
SB - "If you don't do it, the room stays closed."
Maggie - "You can be such a witch at times, Sim Brother. Let me think ... " She ponders for a few minutes. "It's a tight one but I am going to exclude Hillary and George. It's nothing personal. I just don't get on as well with those two."
SB - "Thanks, Maggie. Those two will be not be allowed into either room. You have these rooms until 3am."

A Cruel Reward
1.07pm - Maggie explains to George - "I had to pick two and I know you're big enough not to take any offence from it"
George - "No problem, Maggie. The sun will come out tomorrow and that is what matters. Have a great day. I'm sure Hillary and I will have a ball as well."
3.58pm - Hillary puts her mind of the reward the others were getting by mopping up around the house.
5.07pm - The buffet table is set up in the lounge. The rewardees enjoy what Sim Brother has provided. However, Maggie is in bed with back trouble, something she is blaming on the gardening the day before.

Planning Revenge
11.33pm - As midnight approached, the other rewardees were in bed. Maggie finds she is the last one up and was playing pool alone.
11.45pm - Hillary and George are in the showers Hillary - "Maggie is playing a hard game by excluding us. We won't be beaten."
George - "She had to pick someone ... I don't think she meant anything personal by it."
Hillary - "Tomorrow is our turn for payback."

In the real world
Please accept my apologies for these last three reports running a bit late. Without going into details, I do have a real life that sometimes needs my attention before my gaming and online activities. I apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused to our viewers.

Please tune in tonight for the first nominations and your chance to start placing your vote for who you want to see out of there.


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