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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 11 (Monday 25 August 2003)
Nominations and the Newbie
Previously ...
Maggie's reward for doing the seed buying was to have the pool and PC rooms opened up for all housemates ... but two. She chose Hillary and George. George took it quite well but Hillary was quite bitter. With today being the first nominations, this could affect how the housemates vote. The housemates were also wondering who the replacement housemate is. Who will she be? You'll find out today.

Hints of Voting
3.38am - George and Hillary are still talking in the bathroom.
Hillary - "I cannot say how I am going to vote today but there are other people in this house who I'd rather see last longer"
George - "I'm not saying anything until I get in there, but it won't be you."
George reads the signs incorrectly and an attempt to give Hillary a peck on the check is gently rebuffed.

If I did something else
11.19am - The housemates are getting up. Ruud and Will are talking in the Utility Room about what they might have been if life had been different to them.
Ruud - "I thought of becoming a championship swimmer instead of being a professional footballer"
Will - "I thought of becoming a Voluntary Services Overseas worker instead of being a member of the Royal Family"

Growing Apprehension
1.33pm - Maggie and Ruud are working in the vegetable patch. Maggie is weeding and Ruud is doing the watering. All of the other housemates are in bed. Ruud is curious about nominations - "How do you think it will go, Maggie?"
Maggie - "Well, dear, I think I might have an anxious week"
2.03pm - Will and Hillary are making burgers. The forthcoming nominations is on Hillary's mind.
Hillary - "However this works out, I'm not going out without a fight. I am in this house for a purpose and I aim to win."
Will - "If I am up for nomination, I won't be disappointed. Dad put me in here for a joke and I'm not finding it funny."

The First Nominations

9.00pm - The rest of the day has passed quickly and finally the housemates are all up and assembled in the lounge.

Sim Brother (SC) - "It is time for you to now make your first nominations and vote for who you think should win instead of you. The most popular housemate will win $5,000. After you have made your nominations and are informed of the results, you will be joined by your new housemate. To celebrate your new housemate's arrival, all reward rooms are opened until further notice and you will be issued with your own sleepwear"

"Could George please come to the Diary Room?"

"My first nomination is Will. I know he isn't too happy here and I find him rather arrogant."
"My second nomination is Maggie. It's not to do with yesterday. I have been thinking this way for a while, but I think she'd be happier on the outside."

"Graham is my choice to win."
"My first nomination is Maggie. This house is only big enough for one dominant woman and she ain't it."
"My second nomination is Graham. He might be a good laugh but I don't quite find his humour funny."

"If someone else was to win, I would like it to be Will."
"My first nomination is Will. He's a bit too naive to be in here. He isn't happy in here and I think he'd be happier in the royal world."
"My second nomination is Oprah. This is only because I have not really got to know her."

"I think Maggie should win."
"I would like to firstly nominate Maggie. I guess it's to do with my feeling threatened by her confident and assertive manner."
"My second nomination is Hillary. Similar reason I guess."

"Will is my choice to win."
"My first nomination is Maggie. She's a lovely woman but I think she's trying to do too much."
"Hillary is a bit of a bore. She's too serious and always going on about politics. Give it a rest woman, or carry it on out there."

"Not wishing to pander to the Royals, but I strangely think Will should win"
"What can I say? Hillary is my first choice. She's putting me to sleep with her political droning on."
"Second choice is Graham. He's a lovely man but I think he'd be happier running his show."

"If someone else was to win, I would like it to be Oprah."
"If I could nominate myself I would, but I can't. So, I'll nominate George. He's in charge and I think I should be."
"My second nomination is for Ruud. He's young, handsome but doesn't wear a tie. Is that a good enough reason?"

"Hillary is a really wonderful woman and I think she should win."

Results and the Newbie
Sim Brother - "This is Sim Brother. You have made your nominations. There are two housemates up for the public vote this week. In alphabetical order, they are ..."

"Hillary ... and ... Maggie."

"The Most Popular Housemate award of ยง5,000 goes to ..."


"Thankyou for your nominations and for waiting patiently. Please welcome your new housemate ..."



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