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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 12 (Tuesday 26 August 2003)
Kelly's First Day
Previously ...
The housemates have made their first nominations and Hillary and Maggie are the first two housemates who are up for eviction. Their minds were immediately put off this by the arrival of a new housemate. Kelly.

Kelly came into the house in the same way that Britney left from the Diary Room and was immediately greeted by Graham.
Graham - "It's so good to meet you! I love your work and your taste in clothes. We should compare notes."
Kelly - "Your choice in clothes is ****. Where's the party?"

Hillary's Thoughts
3.09am - George and Hillary are in the PC room. With Kelly's arrival and people making the most of the buffet provided, the fact that there are people up for nomination has been neglected ... until now
George - "How does it feel to be up for nomination?"
Hillary - "It stinks but I had an idea it might be me. I've been too pushy and perhaps too controversial."

A Late Start
1.02pm - All of the housemates were up late welcoming Kelly and making the most of the two reward rooms being open and the buffet Sim Brother had laid on Oprah is awake and having a shower.
2.03pm - Kelly is now awake and getting to know her new surroundings - "Who designed this place? It is the absolute pits!! The colouring is absolute **** and the decor stinks. I like the pictures of the tigers."
3.53pm - Oprah and Kelly are talking about music - "Your version of 'Papa Don't Preach' was really unique"
Kelly - "Dad gave me the thumbs up ... I think he liked it. He said Madonna's version was 'absolute ****'"

Task Discovery
6.18pm - Kelly was once again the only housemate up. Sim Brother has provided the house with a charades set for the weekly task. Kelly is the first to notice it - "I wonder if they expect anyone to do 'Debbie does Dans Grove'?"

A Football Fan
11.28pm - With most of the housemates still asleep, Kelly is chatting with the ones who are awake - "You play for Man U, don't you? You've got great legs for a footballer. I think guys with great legs are cute. How great is the rest of you?" *winking*


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