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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 13 (Wednesday 27 August 2003)
A New Task & The First Harvest
Previously ...
Kelly has settled into the house and managed to catch the eye of Ruud. They shared the double bed that night. Is this the start of the first relationship in Sim Brother III?

Good morning, housemates
5.11am - Maggie is back in the garden doing the gardening. Two of the plots didn't grow properly and she is having to replant them.
7.23am - George is unclogging the toilet

Mr. Popular
8.06am - Will has joined Oprah playing pool.
Oprah - "Will, how does it feel to be the most popular guy in the house?"
Will - "It's quite an honour. I am sure they didn't vote for me in order to get knighthoods. I am sure it is because of my sparkling personality."
Oprah - "I'm sure it is, Will"

The First Harvest
8.37am - Maggie is back in bed. The replanting has strained her back again and is in urgent need of a shower or a bath.

However, Maggie's tomatoes and lettuces are ready for harvesting.
9.06am - George is harvesting the crops and are immediately stored. Some of them aren't stored for long as George quickly gets down to work preparing "Tomato & Lettuce Stew"
12.20pm - The housemates sit down to enjoy their first cooked meal in days.
Oprah - "At last we've got a cooked meal. Thankyou, George."
George - "It was nothing. All I did was harvest it and cook it."
Graham - "Maggie did all the planting. It's such a shame she isn't here to enjoy it."

Two in the Garden
Ruud is the other one who is not there to share in the cooked dinner as he's in the garden playing basketball. He has been rather quiet since he got up this morning.
The rabbit in the food patch has appreciated the crops, however.

On the Afternoon
2.04pm - Will and Graham are in the kitchen after having done the washing up.
Graham - "Are you in this house for romance or just fun? You could have scored with Britney"
Will - "Hey, I'm not in here for my amusement or to find a next queen. It's dad's goonlike humour that thought it would be fun getting me in here."
2.49am - Ruud has made some burgers and Kelly has joined him.
Kelly - "You're pretty great all around, Ruud" *winks*
Ruud - "Er ... thankyou, Kelly"

The Task Revealed

8.00pm - All housemates are gathered together in the lounge

Sim Brother (AR) - "Now you're finally here and awake, this is your task that you have only two days to work on. In front of you is a Charades Deck and you will be using that to learn how to do charades in order for a performance on Friday night. You will be doing charades based on places, people and PC games. None of the ones in the current deck are of those being used. If you get more than five right in the specified time, you will win the task and get the refrigerator back ... plus a reward as yet unrevealed. So, pass your task and you'll find out. Goodbye ;)"

About Nominations
9.24pm - Kelly and Graham are playing pool.

Kelly - "How bad were the nominations?"
Graham - "Not too bad this time. It'll be harder when it is people I like."
9.51pm - The two nominees are talking about leaving.

Maggie - "If I go, I'll get to see the sunshine. With these high walls, we never get it for long enough."
Hillary - "I don't want to leave. I want to win."

End of the Day
11.25pm - Maggie finally gets a chance to cook herself a meal from the produce she planted.
11.25pm - Kelly is still up but Ruud has gone to bed ... and isn't in the double bed.

Technical Difficulties
For those of you who might be wondering where the poll is, we're having some temporary difficulties. This means that this week's eviction will be handled "American style".

This means that on Friday night, instead of the public deciding the evictee, the housemates are put on the spot and have to vote out one of nominees themselves.


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