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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 2 (Saturday 19 January 2002)
The First Cuddle and Work To Do

The housemates started to get up around 6am and started helping themselves to individual meals from the store cupboard rather than setting about to making a few group meals, which would have not used up as much of their budget. Davina was the last one to get up but didn't waste time in tickling Jerry in the ribs, who didn't seem to mind.

For those watching on TSZ Livestream, they got a good shot of Jennifer getting out of her mid-morning bath. Unfortunately, those shots were not available on SC4.

Tom paid his first visit to the diary room where he said he enjoyed being in the house and hoped to be there for a while.

The first task explained

After lunch, the group gathered together on the sofas for a discussion about "Our Favourite Films". Jennifer did not like "Airplane". Before the rest of the group were able to come out with a string of jokes, Sim Brother spoke.

"Here are the details of your first task. On Thursday Afternoon, three of you will have to cook the three courses of an Evening Meal Fit For A Sim that must be to Cordon Rouge standards. You must all therefore become good cooks. There are plenty of cookery books in the bookshelves and while this task is on, you will be able to use the Home Canning Centre to assist you in making preserves and sauces."

Already a relationship?

During this announcement, Tom gives Jennifer a cuddle (1). Although she accepted the cuddle, she was not too keen when he tried to show her more affection and gently edged away telling Tom "We are going too fast. I need time to know you better."

This did not go unnoticed by the Housemates or Sim Brother. Only time would tell if this would be the beginning of a relationship.

It was MNM's day to clean the house and he spent the afternoon cleaning out the pigs. He was not very pleased about it (2).

When Tony came to the Diary Room, he thanked Sim Brother for the privilege to be in the house, said he liked the group he was with and that he expected to enjoy himself while he was in the house. After he left the Diary Room, he got to work at the Canning Centre (3).

When Davina came to the Diary Room, she said the experience of being in the house was more than being on the outside. She also hoped to be around for a while.

Anna was the last one to go to bed. While everyone else slept, Anna was busy making her sauces. It appeared that she had a lot to learn and did not want to risk letting the group down.

  • How will the budding friendships develop?
  • Are Anna & Tony the only one to do any work?
  • Who will clean out Pinky & Perky tomorrow?

Come back tomorrow and you'll find out.

Behind the Camera
We will hopefully be bringing you daily reports on what has been going on the Sim Brother house, depending on demand and interest.

Please be patient if this changes to every other day. We do have another show called "Real Life" to cover that can be demanding.


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