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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 20 (Wednesday 6 February 2002)
Trouble between Tom and Tony
A New Look
Following her confession to Davina and MNM that she did not want to be a tennis player, Anna has decided that she is going to wear something more comfortable. Her tennis kit only reminded her of what she used to do. Now, she wanted a change.

Over breakfast, Tony and Jerry are wondering if they will be facing each other in today's semi-finals.

The games began at 10:00am. The winner would be the first person to win three games. On the first table, Anne was placed against Jerry. On the second table, Tony was placed against MNM.

Anne and Tony won their first two games and it looked like it could be a foregone conclusion. By 2:30, it was all over as Anne won the third game. MNM managed to pull a game back but Tony managed to win the decisive 4th game to win 3-1.

Tony had just put the pieces away when Tom came storming over and verbally laid into him.

Tom - "Hey, Phoney, Davina's not interested in you. She's mine, do you get that?"
Tony - "There appears to be a misunderstanding, Tom. Davina and I are just good friends at the moment."
Tom - "Well you keep it that way, and cut out the hugs. I'm the one who gets to hug the ladies in here. Do you understand?"
Tony - "I understand but I do not agree with you"
Tom - "If I had my way, you'd be out of here this week."
Tony - "Well, as you've started on this line, I've got a few things to say. You have treated Jenny atrociously. Your likeable charm might have worked so far, but you have abused other people's friendships for your own advantage."
Tom - "That's the way to stay in, Phoney."
Tony - "You are nothing but a complete *******!!!"
Tom - "Let me tell you, Phoney, if I get my way, you'll be begging Sim Brother to open the back door and let you out."
Tony - "The best person will win, Tom, and although I can see you staying until the final three, I cannot see you winning."

Tony slept in the lounge. He had a lot on his mind and he hoped that Tom's antagonism towards him would not affect his concentration.

Intruder Alert!
In the early hours of the morning when everyone was asleep, there was an unwanted visitor wandering around outside the Sim Brother house.

Security was surprisingly poor and "Shifty Sim", who was the most notorious petty thief from SimCity, tried his luck getting into the house. He managed to walk all the way around the compound without being apprehended. The expensive security lights were taken.

The Chief of Security declined to comment when asked about how this could happen.

Your Last Chance to Vote
The poll who you want to see be evicted first from the Sim Brother house will be closing tomorrow.

When the polls close tomorrow night, you will also find out who is the first one to leave the Sim Brother house.

Thankyou for voting.


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