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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 15 (Friday 29 August 2003)
The First Eviction
Previously ...
The housemates spent a day doing little except from chatting among themselves. This means they also didn't practice much for the task, nor do they know about the eviction bombshell Sim Brother is going to drop on them. Oprah has just entered the Diary Room.

Oprah explodes!
Oprah - "Here's the truth. You put us in a place that is too cramped and scattered around for us to be able to do things easily. We'd rather drop our garbage on the floor than put it in the trash can. We are too tired to have fun and the PCs and choice of games are too 1995 ... and one of them is already broken. Nobody is making friends because we have no common interests or grounds to work on something together. Now you can get your finger out or I'll get my body out of here!!"
Sim Brother (JEJ) - "Err ... ok ... and what's the bull?"
Oprah - "It's really great in here and I think you are doing a wonderful job in keeping us happy."

Sleeping Nominees
1.48am - Maggie and Hillary are fast asleep. One of them will not be here this time tomorrow. They both appear to be sleeping well although Hillary is murmuring in her sleep what sounds like - "Not the cigar"

A Showering Change
Sim Brother has reworked part of the house for the housemates' benefit. The shower room has been divided to provide some privacy for the housemates going into and coming out of the showers. George has just had a shower.

The Man Outside
6.45am - Graham is the first housemate awake and he is in the garden. He does not know that on the other side of the security wall is a currently unknown visitor.

On closer examination, the outsider is identified as Avid, an infamous character and superfan who has persistently wanted to be in Sim Brother over the last three series. He sends letters to Sim Brother regularly. This is his latest.

"Yes, it is me, Avid. This is the third series that I have not been in the house. I am better than these people. Hillary? She is rubbish. Maggie? She is rubbish to. They is all rubbish. You will like me. I am sexy. I am warm. Thankyou, please."

Oprah's Wish
10.13am - There is another harvest of tomatoes and lettuces which George is gathering.
Oprah and Kelly are talking quietly.
Oprah - "I wish I knew how the voting was going. If Hillary was out of here, that's one threat gone."
Oprah - "I don't give a hoot who goes. I want feeding."

Graham and Hillary
12.13pm - Hillary and Graham are in the toilets.
Graham - "Ewwwww ... what's that stink from in there?"
Hillary - "This toilet is clogged and I'm not fixing it."
Graham - "You clogged it, you unclog it."
Hillary - "It's too late for people to vote. They won't see this until it's over."
2.02pm - Hillary misses out on the last burger and appears to be quite upset about it.
Graham - "Oh dear, how unfair, Hilly, that I got the last burger"
Hillary - "**** it !! This isn't fair."
Graham - "You can unclog the toilet to put your mind off it"

Give us a clue, George!
7-11pm - The task begins and George takes the first go. He isn't too successful with "The Perfect Storm", which it took them ages to work out because of their lack of practice. Will fares little better but Kelly does however seem to have some talent and Will finally cottons on how to do it.

Results and Bombshell

11.30pm - The housemates are all gathered on the couches.
Sim Brother (RL) - "Hi, housemates, it's Sim Brother here."
All - "Hey, Sim Brother"
SB - "You didn't do too bad on the charades, guys. You got 4 right and got $800 to spend on a household item."
Graham - "Looks like it's burgers and homegrown for another week then. Back to the vegetable patch."

SB - "There is also another surprise for you. This is going to be an eviction with a difference."
Hillary - "Someone is coming in instead of going out?"
SB - "Instead of the public deciding who goes this week, you decide among yourselves. Except the nominees, each of you can vote."

Shock Vote

The Evictee
Sim Brother - "With 4 votes to 2, Hillary, you are evicted from the Sim Brother house."

Tune in tomorrow for what Hillary had to say to Will about her two weeks in the Sim Brother house and also to find out what the housemates have got up to after having voted the first of their number out.


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