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Sim Brother Series 3, Special Article
Hillary's Eviction Special
What Hillary had to say

Will - "Welcome to our first eviction show and with me tonight I have Hillary Clinton. Welcome, Hillary"
Hillary - "Hello, Will"
Will - "How does it feel to be sat here?"
Hillary - "Frankly, Will, I'm sick of it. I should still be in there. What happened tonight is far worse than what happened with Bush and Gore. Even the public didn't get to have their say. I feel cheated out of a place in that house and I can't even demand a ********* recount."
Will - "It was a technical oversight by Sim Brother, but that will be rectified for the next nominations on Monday."
Hillary - "That's no good for me. I'm out of the house."
Will - "Yes, and that means you are here with me and can tell me all about your time in there. Who did you get on best with in the house?"
Hillary - "That was the other Will. He was a perfect gentleman and we had a lot in common. I'll miss him and seriously, I think he should win."
Will - "That answers one of my other questions. Who will definitely not be on your Christmas card list?"
Hillary - "If I had to include everyone but one, although Graham was a major league *******, I'd exclude Oprah and I'd like to see her out next. I felt she was betrayed by her and I won't be watching her show again."
Will - "Apart from being here now, what was your worst moment in the house?"
Hillary - "Losing out to George as unofficial house leader. I believe I could have been more effective and this would have got the housemates on my side."
Will - "And what do you reckon was your best moment?"
Hillary - "A good question, Will, and I will have to answer that the majority of my time in the Sim Brother house was a wonderful and educational experience and I regret that I can no longer share in that experience, I wish the other housemates well and will follow this series with interest."
Will - "Thankyou, Hillary. We will call on you for your comments every so often. And what will you do now?"
Hillary - "Write my account of life in the Sim Brother house and get back to being a senator again."
Will - "Thankyou for talking to us, Hillary"
Hillary - "It was my pleasure, Will"

Will - "Tune in later this evening to find out what the housemates have done today in the house."


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