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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 16 (Saturday 30 August 2003)
The Morning After
Previously ...
The housemates only won ยง400 from their task, which was not enough to buy a fridge. With regular harvests of vegetables, they are being fed. They were also put on the spot and had to vote which of the nominees to leave the house. They chose Hillary. How did they get on today having directly voted out one of their number?

The morning after
8.22am - George and Ruud are sat down at the dining table having breakfast and talking about the eviction.
George - "I guess it had to happen that we voted someone out."
Ruud - "I did not like the way we had to do it."
George - "In a few days, it starts over again."
11.48am - Ruud is dancing in the pool room to music from the jukebox - "# I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy ... #"
Will, Graham and Kelly are all napping in the garden. It is very otherwise very quiet in the house.

2.31pm - George and Maggie are working together in the garden.
George - "I didn't like the snapvote last night."
Maggie - "Nor me, dear, but you had to vote for someone. I don't bear any grudge. After all, it's only a game. Last night, Hillary lost."
George - "I'm not looking forward to Monday either."

Dining Room Disagreement
5.48pm - Oprah, Ruud, Will and Kelly are talking about the night before.
Will - "I think Hillary got an unfair deal. If the public had voted, I think Maggie would be out of here."
Kelly - "Hey, your royalness, she ****ed me off so I voted the ***** out, ok?"
Will - "You should have got to know her better, okay?"
Oprah - "She voted for who she wanted out, Wally. She's gone, end of story."
Ruud - "Oprah is right, Will. We voted out Hillary and that's it."

No longer foes
9.47pm - Differences aside, Will and Oprah dance to the music from the jukebox and they end their dancing with a hug and a kiss on the cheek

And then another ...

... and a romantic hug

... and finally to bed

Not quite friends
11.56pm - Maggie is in the PC room talking with Ruud and he tells her about his hobby tinkering with PCs. They appear to be getting on well ... but their evening does not end on as good a way as Oprah and Will - "Sorry, Ruud, I'm not quite ready for this"


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