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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 17 (Sunday 31 August 2003)
A New Task
Previously ...
With general concern about the way they had to vote out Hillary, the housemates spent the day relaxing and getting to know each other better, knowing that nominations were coming up on the Monday. The day was a big turnaround for Oprah and Will who finally ended the day sharing the double bed. What would Will's grandma have to say?

Let me in, Sim Brother
12.06am - Day and night, Avid seems to be outside the Sim Brother house, testing the security, photographing anything he finds of interest - "You have not let me into the house, you rubbish! Let me in. Maggie gives me a feeling. You will like me. I am sexy. I am warm."

Waking up
6.07am - George has slept the night in the garden on the lounger. He seems to be lost in thought, gazing at the vegetable plot.
Will and Oprah are also waking up and start their day with a hug. They do not appear to have their microphones on as nothing was picked up from what they said to each other.

The Tank
12.00pm - The housemates have been confined to the house for the last 40 minutes as Sim Brother works on and reveals their next task, which is finally revealed to them. George is the first to come out of the house and look at it.
1.30pm - George is the first to try the tank out. He misses the purpose of the tank being explained
Sim Brother (AR) - "The tank in the garden has a variable pressure setting on it. It is not for amusement, it is for your weekly task. It is a test of physical endurance. All of your times in the tank this week are monitored. The task conclusion is on Wednesday. Your longest durations in there are counted. Serves George right for going in there. Goodbye ;)"

Dancing Pairs
2.21pm - Will and Oprah are dancing together in the utility room

Will - "Thanks for yesterday, Opera."
Oprah - "It's Oprah but never mind, Wally"
Kelly and Ruud are also dancing together

On the afternoon
3.20pm - George is out of the tank.
George - "That got tough. I couldn't bear being in there."
Maggie - "Sim Brother told us all about it while you were in there."
3.42pm - Graham is distraught because the plate of burgers is empty.
Maggie - "Oh, do stop whining, Graham"
Graham - "I wanted a burger and they're all gone. It's not fair!"
4.15pm - Graham and Will are talking in the garden.
Will - "I think there should be a party. After all, we've been in here over two weeks and we haven't been able to let our hair down."
Graham - "A wonderful idea, Will. Absolutely fantastic!"

4.30pm - At the same time, Maggie and Kelly are dancing in the Pool Room.
Kelly - "Is there anything between you and Ruud?"
Maggie - "A lovely man, but no, dear. He's all yours if you want him."
5.06pm - Whether Kelly is interested in Ruud is yet to be confirmed, but they did have a slow dance in the Pool Room and he promised her grandstand seats the next time he plays football.

Graham's Prediction
10.24pm - Graham is called to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (SC) - "Hello, Graham, how are you today?"
Graham - "I'm fine, thanks, Sim Brother and how are you? Ooh, I forgot, you can't answer that."
SB - "How do you think the mood of the house is?"
Graham - "It's strangely a lot brighter since Hillary left. Yes, I didn't like the woman, but oddly people are talking a lot more to each other. The seriousness of nominations must be biting."
SB - "How do you feel about the coming nominations?"

Graham - "I'm not looking forward to them. It has to be done, I suppose and I am sure it will be quite exciting. A lot of people will be up this time, I'm sure of it."


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