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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 18 (Monday 1 September 2003)
The 2nd Nominations
Previously ...
The housemates have been given a new task whereby they have to stay inside a specially adapted scuba tank which increases in pressure as the time inside goes by. Although Will and Oprah still appear to be close, it looks like the friendship between Ruud and Kelly is developing nicely. With the nominations being today, might any of these pairs be split up?

Arise and Shine
6.05am - Kelly is just getting up, having shared the night in bed with Ruud, who is still sleeping.

Oprah and Will, however, have slept separately.

Morning Chores
8.06am - Kelly has immediately gone to the vegetable plot and is now working harvesting the crops.

11.14am - Maggie is finally unclogging the toilet that Hillary blocked on the Friday - "I honestly can't believe I'm doing this"

The Weekly Nominations

12.00pm - The housemates are all called to the lounge
Sim Brother (AR) - "Ok, housemates, it's that time again for you to try and kick out who's getting on your nerves and who you think is worthy of winning. If it was down to me, none of you are good enough to win. Anyway, it's time to play ... The Weekly Nominations. Maggie, diary room please."
"My first nomination is GRAHAM. I am finding him to be irritating and annoying and the house would be a better place without him. My second nomination is KELLY. She's a nice girl, but I don't see her fitting in."

"The person most deserving to win is OPRAH"
"First nomination? MAGGIE. Quite a dame, but not for this place. My second nomination? GRAHAM. There is only room for one queen in this house and that's me."
"WILL deserves to win"
"I would firstly like to nominate GEORGE. I will be perfectly honest as he is the main threat to my being King of the house. My second nomination is MAGGIE. She's a great lady, but I don't connect with her."
"OPRAH is the most deserving person to win"
"Firstly, I'd like to nominate WILL. He is too arrogant and cocky for my liking. Secondly, I nominate OPRAH. Those two are a dangerous combination. Time to split them up."
"KELLY should win. I like her a lot"
"GEORGE and MAGGIE. They don't belong here as they're boring old ****s. Get them out."
"RUUD to win. You got a problem with that?"
"My first nomination is MAGGIE. I didn't like her attitude yesterday when I missed out on the burgers ... oh well, that's my excuse to get her out. My second nomination is KELLY because her hair is ... ewwww. I can't think of any other word to describe it."
"I'd love to see WILL winning. He's ... mmm ... I'll tell you later"
"My first nomination for eviction is WILL. I do not identify with him and I find his attitude to be unkind and prejudiced. My second nomination is OPRAH. I'm not quite sure what it is but I cannot quite get on with her."
"GRAHAM is the person most deserving to win the show. He's a funny guy"
"This is Sim Brother. This weeks nominations are ... in alphabetical order ... George ... and Graham ... and Kelly ... and Maggie ... and Oprah ... and Will">

"There is a tie for most popular housemate between Oprah ... and Will"

First Thoughts
1.49pm - Maggie tries to put her mind off the nominations by submitting her entry for the task.
3.06pm - Graham is chatting with Ruud while preparing dinner
Graham - "I knew there would be a lot up for the vote but I didn't expect six, though. You lucky *******, you're not up for the vote !!"
Ruud - "I'm sure I will be next week, though."
3.35pm - Ruud gives Kelly an intimate hug.
Ruud - "I really hope that you don't go on Friday. You have become quite special to me."
Kelly - "Yeah, whatever. Well done on not being up for the vote yourself, though."

Fire and Water
4.26pm - Kelly's attempt at cooking broad bean caserole backfires and the cooker catches fire. She fights the flames - "I told you I couldn't ******* cook!"
4.58pm - Maggie exits the tank, exhausted from her swim.
Maggie - "It really gets too much in there"
Maggie was in the tank for 3hrs and 9 minutes

Close Premonition
6.49pm - George is talking to Oprah in the bathroom - "I never believed this many would be up for nomination."
Oprah - "It could all be in a handful of votes from which five stay and which one goes."
Oprah then heads to the tank to do her bit for the task. Yesterday, she was in the tank for 1hr 28 minutes.

Twice Nominated
8.22pm - Maggie is called to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (JEJ) - "How does it feel to be up for nomination a second time?"
Maggie - "I'm not surprised and not disappointed, dear. It's part of the game and all I say is I'm going to play my best and try not to hurt anyone on the way."

Out of the Tank
10.10pm - Oprah leaves the tank. She was in there for 3hrs and 7 minutes, only two minutes short of the record set by Maggie.
She mops up the water that came out from the tank - "If it seeps at this rate, there'll be more water in the garden than in the tank itself"

Leisure Pursuits
10.50pm - George is sat in the Pool Room reading "1001 Recipes from the Sim Brother garden"

Ruud, Graham and Kelly are in the PC Room. Kelly is playing "Blasteroids" - "I've beaten your wimpy high score, Graham!!"

Rallying Call
11.48pm - Oprah has made some burgers for the house. Kelly and Graham are enjoying them.
Oprah - "Guys, this is going to be a draining four days. Let's all just have a good week. Any one of us will be gone on Friday so let's have some fun, okay?"


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