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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 19 (Tuesday 2 September 2003)
Royal Trumps
Previously ...
Yesterday, the housemates started getting to work on the task. Maggie and Oprah both put in good efforts, each trying to outdo the other. Maggie managed 3 hours and 9 minutes, Oprah coming very close on 3hrs and 7 minutes. Oprah gave a rallying call to the housemates to try and stick together and have fun for the rest of the week. Do the housemates heed that call?

Will's Change
12.58am - Will and Kelly are alone in the garden.
Kelly - "Your royalness, what's Oprah got that Britney didn't?"
Will - "Since then, I have assessed that this is separate from the outside world and what happens in here has no bearing on who I am chosen to spend the rest of my days with. When the series ends or I go out of the door, the Sim Brother illusion ends."
Kelly - "Very profound."

Time for Bed
1.13am - Kelly goes to bed with Ruud - "I'm going to score with this dude whether he likes it or not ... I know I will"
2.08pm - Will is about to go to bed - "So how about you and I snuggle up tonight, hot stuff?"
Oprah - "Boy, you are such a WALLY !! If you want to keep a girl, your act needs some more work!!"

Playing Around
3.22am - George and Graham are playing pool.

George - "That was a good shot, Graham. You really know how to handle these balls."
Graham - "Oh no, not at all, George .... you are much better at handling your big stick. I really enjoy playing with you and I'd like to do it some more ;)"

Oprah & Will
4.00am - Regardless of their snit earlier, Oprah is sharing the same bed as Will. Both of them are asleep. Oprah's VDM (Visual Dream Monitor) is showing her dreaming about the Tank. Whether this means having done her task is behind her or whether it means she wants to beat Maggie's record or whether it means something else is yet to be ascertained.
8.50am - Oprah gets up all of a sudden.
Oprah - "Ewwwww ... they always told me some other guy owned up for you guys if you trumped. You expect me to own up for you? NO WAY AM I DOING THAT, BUSTER!!"
Will - "Hwahh?"

Lunchtime Chatting
11.11am - Maggie is preparing lunch for the housemates - "Drat. With no dead rabbit, I wanted to make Gopher Balls to go with this salad."
12.28 - George and Graham have found some common ground.
George - "I won't live near a nuclear plant. I don't want electrons messing around with my metabolism"
Graham - "Oh no ... it can really mess with your potency, and we can't have that ;)"
12.58pm - Oprah and Ruud are talking about style, fashion and the different clothing designers.
Oprah - "I really like your shirt, Ruud. Where did you get it from? Is it a Lacroix?"
Ruud - "It's from a fashion house called 'Unleashed'"
Oprah - "Mmmm ... I hope it brings out the tiger in you ;)"

George goes Swimming
2.24pm - Because George was already swimming in the Tank before Sim Brother gave the instructions, his time in there did not qualify so he went in again.

He manages to continue swimming until 5.21pm before the pressure effects beat him.

His time of 2hrs 57mins does not beat Maggie's record.

Evening Encounters
6.21pm - Maggie is talking to Kelly in the bathroom - "Are things going well with Ruud?"
Kelly - "He's okay but he has a one track mind"
Maggie - "Isn't that a good thing in here?"
Kelly - "Not if it's soccer it isn't :(" 6.38pm - George kisses Oprah softly on the cheek as they pass in the corridor, who doesn't seem to mind.

Ruud's Revelations
9.36pm - Ruud is called to the Diary Room
Sim Brother (SC) - "Hello, Ruud. How does it feel to be the only housemate not up for nomination this week?"
Ruud - "I don't like it. I am an outsider. They are now united and I am not part of it. I do not want to leave and I do want to win. I am not in a faction or alliance. Perhaps that is it. I want to have fun here."
SB - "How are things going for you in the house?"
Ruud - "I like Kelly but I don't know what is going on. She is making friends with others. It is for her own gain and not our fun. I don't think hanging around with her will do me any good. I want to win ... at all costs"


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