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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 20 (Wednesday 3 September 2003)
Swimming, Shoes, Burgers & Blowouts
Previously ...
Until the Tank had a malfunction, the housemates were putting their minds off the forthcoming eviction by swimming in the tank until the water pressure got too much for them. Will they continue with such zeal today?

A Generous Extension
10.23am - Kelly is preparing the breakfast
Sim Brother (RL) - "Hey, gang, Sim Brother here. Guess what! Because the Tank was out of action for some of yesterday, we're extending the task time to midnight tomorrow night. More time to rack your time up, guys. Bye for now!"

Famous Fans
12.50pm - Fans visit the house every day. Among them is the winner of the UK's "Big Brother", Brian Dowling, although it looks like he has gone to seed a bit

Avid is still trying to find a way to get inside the Sim Brother house.

Something about Water
3.00pm - It is Kelly's turn in the tank. 4.59pm - She leaves the tank, having lasted 1hr and 59 minutes 5.25pm - Will has fallen asleep on his feet in the showers.

The Privileged One
5.59pm - Ruud and Maggie are in the garden.
Ruud - "I feel bad I am not up for eviction"
Maggie - "You have no reason in the world to feel bad, dear. You're the priveleged one. It means nobody views you as a threat."

The Special Stuff
6.55pm - Kelly joins Maggie and Ruud at the garden table.
Kelly - "Mmm ... this isn't quite a big mac or a whoppa but it's really tasty"
Maggie - "You can thank Ruud for that. He helped get the meat."
Ruud - "I trapped some gophers ... tastes like pork"
Kelly - "I'm suddenly not hungry ... ewww ... "

Ruud's Dream Job
8.41pm - Ruud is talking to George in the garden.
Ruud - "I cannot be a professional footballer all of my life and hopefully, my exposure here will get me a spot advertising football boots back in my home country"
George - "Didn't that Cantona guy jump straight into movies and bypass advertising?"

Will's Entry
8.55pm - Will enters the tank - "I'm going for a swim, chaps. I may be some time"

10.12pm - What was expected to be a marathon session lasted a lot shorter than expected. He was in the tank for 2hrs and 17 minutes.

Graham's Stars
10.21pm - Graham is bragging to Ruud and Maggie about the people he's met.
Graham - "Dolly is such a wonderful woman. I've also met John Malcovitch, Gerard Depardieu, Susan Sarandon ... and Mo Mowlam"
Maggie - "And I've been the Oscars ... big deal, Graham"

Blown Out Again
10.49pm - Will is with Oprah in the garden.
Will - "That wasn't as good as I thought. I want to finish the day in style. Let's go to bed."
Oprah - "If you think I'm going to bed again with a trumping jumped-up junior royal, you can think again !!"


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