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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 22 (Friday 5 September 2003)
The 2nd Eviction
Previously ...
Graham had quite a busy day starting with finding himself next to Will in bed. In order to spice up the task, he made a bet with Ruud. Although repairs delayed Graham's attempt, he is still determined to beat Ruud. Can he do it?

Graham's Gamble
2.07am - Despite Ruud's warnings, Graham has five strong cups of coffee, goes to the toilet, suits up and enters the tank.

5.58am - Graham has been in the tank for 3hrs 51 minutes

Psychological Profiles
10.15am - Maggie is sat eating a late breakfast. For this housemate who is up for nomination for the second time in a row, she is handling it better than could be expected. She is not showing any nervousness or bitterness.

This is Graham's first turn for nomination. He has used diversionary ploys to put his mind off it, seen by his insistence on performing the task and gambling with Ruud about which of the two will have a better time.
This is George's first time to be up for the public vote and he is showing a remarkable calmness. His nonchalant attitude and cool reserve may be hiding an inner turmoil but expert opinion shows this not to be the case.
Oprah is also up for nomination for the first time. She has been affected and her alternative behaviour has been to try and find herself an in-house romance, which failed.

2.44pm - Maggie and George are back in the garden. The forthcoming eviction is on their minds.
Maggie - "Are you ready to go?"
George - "I don't think I'll go tonight ... might I might go during the week"
Maggie - "I beg your pardon?"
George - "I think you got the message"
Graham and Kelly are sat at the same time in the garden talking about the same subject.
Graham - "If I go tonight, I'll be the laughing stock of Channel 4"
Kelly - "If I go tonight, my dad will be laughing for months."
Will and Oprah are in the garden playing basketball
Will - "I'll be sorry to see you go, Opera."
Oprah - "I'll be sad to see you walk out that door too, Wally"
Will - "I'm sure the British public wouldn't vote me out"
Oprah - "No ... but the American public would"

Loser & Plans
6.58pm - Ruud is honouring losing his inhouse bet with Graham by wearing his yellow suit. Ruud is still showing signs of nerves in not having been nominated and his apprehension about being the target for nomination next week.
8.14pm - Oprah and Kelly are in the Utility Room
Kelly - "When I get out of here, I'm going to the papers and tell them whether Ruud scored or not."
Oprah - "When I get out of here, I'll write a book about my night with Will and call it 'Royal Trumps'"

The Eviction

11.45pm - The housemates have been gathered together in the lounge. Some of them have dressed for the occasion. Others haven't.
Will Wright - "Good evening, Sim Brother house. This is Will Wright." All - "Good evening, Will"
WW - "Since Monday, the public have been voting. The polls are now closed and the votes have been tallied, checked and confirmed by an independent adjudicator. The second evictee from the Sim Brother house will be ......"



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