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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 21 (Thursday 7 February 2002)
Final Moments
Unable to Sleep
Perhaps he was awakened by the sound of the thief, or perhaps he was concerned about the eviction. Whatever the reason, MNM was unable to sleep and was up at 4am cleaning the patio. In the real world, the polls had closed and he knew that his fate had already been decided.

The Final
At MidDay, the Final began. Sim Brother had rearranged the garden again and everyone watched the finalists ... apart from MNM who was having a nap in the lounge.

Anne took an early lead and after a couple of hours was winning 3-0 and required only one more game to win. The fourth game ended in a draw, Tony took the fifth game, the sixth game was a stalemate but Anne finally won the next game to win 4-1, take the championship and the prize of §1,000. All of her practice had paid off.
Tony had a nap in the garden. He blamed his poor performance on lack of sleep, but there was always another championship to win. In the house, Davina bragged to Jennifer about how Tom is still paying attention to her. Jennifer did not appear to be bothered.

At 8pm, all of the housemates were instructed to gather together for a discussion about the films of SimStar Studios. However, Sim Brother had a surprise in store.

The First Eviction

WW - "Good evening, Sim Brother house. This is Will Wright. Can you all hear me?" - The housemates were shocked but replied that they could - "The voting has closed and all the votes have been tallied up and scrutinised by an external assessor."
WW - "This week, three of you faced the public vote. The first person to be evicted from the Sim Brother house will be ..."



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