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Sim Brother Series 3, Special Article
Oprah's Out
Leaving the House
Oprah says her farewells to the housemates - "Maggie, we may not have seen eye to eye but I have always enjoyed your movies and I'd like to have you on my show sometime as a special guest."
Maggie - "I'd be delighted, Oprah."
Will gets a hug from Oprah - "I'll see you on the outside, Wally"
Will - "I'm looking forward to it, Opera. Take care."
SB (JEJ) - "Oprah, please leave the Sim Brother house."
Oprah says her farewells to the housemates Oprah does.

Oprah's Interview
Will Wright - "Oprah, how does it feel to be out of the house?"
Oprah - "Quite frankly, Will, I'd rather still be in there but as this is only a game, I had to come out sometime."
WW - "You certainly had the viewers while you were in there with what you did."
Oprah - "Thankyou, Will. I thought I'd spice things up in my own special way."
WW - "Firstly, looking at your relationship with Will in the house. Was there any romance?"
Oprah - "A lady doesn't say ... but you'll find it in my forthcoming book."
WW - "I will look forward to reading it when it comes out. We noticed you gave Will a hug just before you left the house. Is he the one you'd like to see win?"
Oprah - "There is something special about I think gives him the winning quality, so he's my choice to win."
WW - "Who did you get on with the least?"
Oprah - "That would be Maggie. I viewed her as a very strong competitor and although I could have taken more time getting to know her, I chose not to. I'd like it if we could be friends on the outside, though."
WW - "That's a very nice thing of you to say. I hope it will happen that way. What do you reckon was your worst moment in the house?"
Oprah - "I had a few things that I wasn't happy about in the house. Not being chosen for being the unofficial head of house was a let down. I felt Ruud let me down, but I don't bear a grudge. Also, morale was pretty poor in the early days and I know I moaned about it. I just wasn't happy with the way things were going. I was even thinking of walking."
WW - "I'm very glad you didn't, Oprah. You spiced up our screens in the weeks after. What do you reckon was your best moment?"
Oprah - "Well, I can honestly say I've shared a bed with possibly the future King of England so I was pretty pleased about that, Will."
WW - "We asked Hillary to comment about that but she refused."
Oprah *grinning* - "I had a feeling while I was inside that I was not her favourite. Oh well, those are breaks."
WW - "I know you're going to write a book. What else are you planning to do?"
Oprah - "I'll get back to my show and have a special show with my fellow housemates when the series is over."
WW - "Thankyou very much for talking to us ... and I wish you the very best."
Oprah - "Thankyou, Will. It's been an experience."

WW - "Please tune in later to find out how the housemates have spent their first day without Oprah and also about a new twist in the tail that will make them have to work very hard to avoid nomination next week."


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