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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 23 (Saturday 6 September 2003)
Results & Surprise
Previously ...
With six housemates nominated for eviction, the nominee who finally walked through the door was Oprah.

How will the housemates adapt to losing another of their number and what surprise does Sim Brother next have in store?

After Oprah
7.33am - It is the morning after Oprah's eviction and Kelly and Graham are in the kitchen.
Kelly - "And then there were six"
Graham - "It seems strange that there is one less in the house. I suppose it will get even worse the fewer of us there are."
Kelly - "I'd miss Ruud if he goes."
Graham - "Don't ask me why, but I'd miss Will"
8.40am - Will and Ruud are in the kitchen.
Will - "I really miss Opera"
Ruud - "It does seem quieter without her, I admit."
Will - "I wonder what she is doing now."
Ruud - "Interviews, starting on her book ... whatever"

Twice Escaped
12.29pm - All of the other housemates are in bed. Maggie comes to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (SC) - "Hello, Maggie. How does it feel to still be in the Sim Brother house?"
Maggie - "I expected I would be gone last night, but I am glad I'm still in the house to enjoy the experience"
SB - "How do you think the next week will go?"
Maggie - "Who knows? On Monday, I might be up for nominations again."

Task Result

10.00pm - The housemates are all gathered together in the lounge.

Sim Brother (RL) - "Hey, gang, do you want to know how you did in your task?"
George - "I certainly would"
Graham - "Go on, put us out of our misery."
SB - "For every minute each of you guys were in there, you got §1 and your maximum times in there were counted. Collectively, you were all in the tank for 1,181 minutes which means you have a weekly bonus of §1,181!"
Maggie - "That's quite good"
Will - "We can get a proper fridge and some decent food. Now this is what I think we should get -"
SB - "That's not all I've got to tell you. There's more!"

The Head of House
SB - "This week, you will have a Head of House. The Head of House gets their own room, decorated to their own taste. They choose who goes in there and who does not and it will stay that way until Friday night. Before you get jealous and think of voting this person out, the Head of House is the only person to make nominations this week."
Graham - "That's not fair."
Kelly - "How do we become Head of House?"

SB - "This week's Head of House has already been assessed as being the person with the best individual performance in the tank...."

"This was for 3hrs and 51 minutes ... and was from Graham."


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