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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 24 (Sunday 7 September 2003)
"My name is Brother ... Sim Brother"
Previously ...
The housemates started their 4th week in the Sim Brother house without Oprah. Comments were made about her but the housemates otherwise got about their business. They found their weekly task had given them §1,181 to their shopping account. Before they had time to decide what to spend it on, they found out they also had a Head of House who would make this week's nominations .... Graham

Graham's Décor
Graham's choice of design included a heart Bed, individual bedside lamps, a heart-shaped couch, bookcase and mirror. Will, Maggie and George seemed to be impressed. Graham told them - "I modelled it on Dolly Parton's bedroom in Dollywood. I had a really lovely time while I was there."

First Thoughts
1.52am - George, Kelly and Will are in the garden eating burgers.
Will - "So how are you feeling now, George, with Graham being the official Head of House?"
George - "I don't mind. He's an okay guy but I'm not going out of my way to be nice to him."
Kelly - "I'm not kissing his ****, you can count on that!"

Head of a House of One
10.22am - Graham, the Head of House, is the first housemate to get up. He has spent the night in a comfortable bed ... but spent it there alone.

12.41pm - He goes straight to the pool room to have a game. No other housemate is up yet.
1.15pm - The house has a fridge for this week and Graham gets the ingredients to prepare a spaghetti bolognese for the housemates ... even though he is still the only housemate who is up at the moment.

On the Afternoon
3.54pm - Graham is in the bathrooms talking with Kelly and Ruud about the PC room - "I do wish they had GTA-Vice City in there. I so like the pink box."
Maggie and Will are in the kitchen.
Maggie - "I get a distinct feeling I am going to be up again this week"
Will - "Third time unlucky, you're thinking?"
Maggie - "I want to stay until the end, dear."

Brush Up On Bond

4.00pm - The housemates are gathered in the lounge again.
Sim Brother (SC) - "My name is Brother ... Sim Brother. As you all know, this series is called Goldeneye and if you might have gathered, it does have a Bond-esque element to it."
Kelly - "I think Ruud would make a good James Bond"
George - "I can't do an English accent, otherwise I would applied"
Graham - "Don't I seem to look the part?"
Sim Brother (SC) - "Your task for the week is 'Brush Up On Bond'. You are allowed to read up on them and do research on the Internet. You will be questioned on this on Wednesday. If you are successful, you will be given a budget of §7,000 and a special surprise. If you fail, you will be back to burgers and homegrown for the next week."
10.19pm - The housemates spend the rest of the evening starting the research on the task.
George - "So there was a Bond called George, huh? I didn't know that."
Maggie - "And only one official Bond has been played by an Englishman. I didn't know that either."

George and the Acid Queen
11.39pm - George comes to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (AR) - "Good evening, George, what is up with you?"
George - "I have had enough of being in here. It's not working out and I want to leave."


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