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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 25 (Monday 8 September 2003)
Take Your Partners for the Halfway Party
Previously ...
Graham has chosen a bright pink bedroom and they have all have been assigned their next task to know everything they can about James Bond. With nominations in the hands of Graham, the housemates are wary on how to not be chosen. George, however, is talking about walking. Will he live up to his threat?

Get a grip, George
Sim Brother (AR) - "So you've had enough have you?"
George - "I feel I don't have anything to contribute to this house and I'm not getting anything back from it either."
SB - "That's a pathetic answer, George. Why aren't you giving anything?"
George - "I'm just being too shy, I suppose."
SB - "Then 'unshy' yourself, get back out there and join in. "
George - "It's not that easy. I'm also missing Hillary and Oprah, I guess. I got on quite well with both of them."
SB - "Get a grip, get out there and get on with someone else. Goodbye."

Theme for a Party
8.10am - Graham prepares breakfast of bacon, eggs, pork sausages and black pudding
9.05am - Graham is up and in the PC room talking with Kelly
Graham - "It's Half Way Day and I've been asked to think of a theme for a party. What do you suggest?"
Kelly - "Have a Wild West Party. It will drive my dad nuts as he hates anything Country & Western"

Talking Movies
11.05am - Graham, George and Ruud are talking over the diiner table.
Ruud - "I don't get to see many movies, unless Famke Janssen is in it."
George - "I've been in a few. Don't think I've starred with her, though."
Graham - "I don't even think I've had her on my show."

Graham's Nominations
1.09pm - Graham is called to the Diary Room
Sim Brother (RL) - "Hey, Graham. Who are your nominations for evictions and who you'd like to see win, sweetie?"
Graham - "My first nomination is MAGGIE. Although she's a fellow Brit and a lovely person, I don't really get on with her too well. She's too nice and it irks me."
SB - "And your second nomination?"
Graham - "That will be KELLY. I don't like her taste in dress or her hair. I know it sounds picky but she just has no idea of fashion."
SB - "And your choice to win?"
Graham - "WILL. He's a charming young man and I like him a lot."
SB - "Thanks, sweetie. Please keep these to yourself and you can start up the party."

The Sim Brother "Bucks & Does" Halfway Party

3.04pm - Maggie, Will and Graham are getting into the party spirit and soon all gather on the dance floor for an party of barn dances, line and square dancing.
Graham - "I should have done more of this when I went to see Dolly Parton in Dollywood. Did I ..?"
Maggie - "Yes, dear, you did. Repeatedly."
4.38pm - George isn't in the party mood and goes to bed. Will is preparing some burgers
Maggie - "I wonder when we'll find out who is up for nomination."
Will - "It beats me. Graham is letting anything go."
10.40pm - The party is winding down. Kelly is the last one on the dance floor. She is talking to herself - "Why didn't I tell Ruud I was saving the last dance for him? Who gives a **** anyway." 11.40pm - There is a rumble of thunder in the skies.
Maggie - "I wonder if it is going to rain later?"
Kelly - "The sun certainly ain't going to come out tomorrow."
Maggie - "I wonder what tomorrow will bring for us."


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