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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 26 (Tuesday 9 September 2003)
Mission Implausible
Previously ...
The Series has just reached halfway and the housemates had a 'Bucks & Does' party. George was told to get a grip and not to walk and Graham made his two nominations and nominated Kelly and Maggie. How will they take the news?

Wide Awake
12.51am - Most of the housemates are asleep. George is taking the opportunity to get on the dancefloor.

Graham is in bed ... but he's still awake. He knows his nominees have not been told and he doesn't know how they'll take it ... or him.

Green-fingered Graham
7.47am - Graham is up and having burgers for breakfast.

9.57am - Graham is harvesting the crops from the vegetable patch for the pantry and homegrown food - "No point letting these crops rot and go to waste"

The Bad Luck Girls
1.44pm - Ruud, Kelly and Maggie are sat down with Graham enjoying "Vegetable Bake a la Norton"
Ruud - "Any idea when they're going to tell us the nominations?"
Maggie - "Good heavens, Ruud. I'd rather just know on Friday."
Kelly - "I want to know now ... and Graham could tell us anyway." Graham is staying uncharacteristically silent.
1.50pm - Sim Brother (JEJ) - "This is Sim Brother ... Will is the person voted most likely to win and the two nominees for eviction are as follows. In Alphabetical order, they are ... Kelly ... and Maggie"
Kelly - "****!! Graham, you're a ******* *******!"
Maggie - "Frankly, dear, I'm disappointed in you, Graham ... and Kelly, please don't sound like a potty mouthed sailor. It's unbecoming"
3.21pm Graham and Kelly are by the jukebox
Kelly - "Why the **** did you nominate me? Why not anyone else?"
Graham - "I can't tell you why and I wish I hadn't got to do it. You must really hate me now"
Kelly - "No, not really. I like you. You're different. Sad, that's all."

Meeting the Cast
9.00pm - The housemates are gathered in the Lounge for the Task Assessment. All of them have been costumed by Sim Brother as characters in their own James Bond movie and are chatting together about their roles.
Kelly - "Red Scarlet doesn't seem like the name for a Bond girl. Also, I wonder if this will show in the movie theatres or will it go straight to video and DVD?"
Will - "I don't care. Will Windsor wants to kiss all of the girls ... perhaps not Red Scarlett though."
Kelly - "Will ****** would be a better name!!"
Ruud - "Ruud Heineken is cold and heartless. I've been miscast."
Graham - "The beer of the same name is cold and heartless. Anyway, General Pink as me? I'd get a lot of men under me. Mmm ... sounds wonderful" *mischievous giggle*
Maggie - "Monique Bordello? Really, Sim Brother. A retired madame who runs the Marseilles Crime Syndicate. Not a lot of fun."
George - "I'm James Bond and I haven't got a single gadget."
Graham - "Isn't that a gadget in your pocket, George, or are you pleased to see me?"

Sim Brother (SC) - "My name is Brother ... Sim Brother. I hope you've brushed up on your Bonds."

Mission Briefing
"Here is your mission briefing. Each of you in turn will go to the Diary Room and has to choose a class of question based on the James Bond novels and movies. You can chose a 'Recruit' class question, which is a one-part question and is worth §1,000. You can chose an 'Agent' class question, which has two parts and is worth §2,000 or a '00' class question which is a three part question and is worth §5,000. All parts must be answered correctly. If you succeed in your mission, it will be added to your 'department budget' and if you fail, it will be taken from the 'department budget'. Under the terms of the Official Secrets Act of 1911, you are not to tell your fellow agents whether your mission was successful. Good luck."

Individual Missions
Will - "'00' class please, SB"
SB - "Shirley Bassey did the theme songs for which three movies?"
Will - "Goldfinger ... er ... Diamonds are Forever ... and ... Moonraker"
SB - "Congratulations, Will. You have passed your mission."
Graham - "I'm just an agent, SB."
SB - "Who was called the Odd Bond and what was his only movie?"
Graham - "He was the 'Fry Chocolate Man' ... ermm ... George Lazenby, On Her Majesty's Secret Service"
SB - "Congratulations, Graham. You have passed your mission."
Maggie - "Good evening, SB. 'Recruit Class', please."
SB - "Who wrote the James Bond books?"
Maggie - "Ian Fleming"
SB - "Congratulations, Maggie. You have passed your mission."
George - "'00'-Class, SB."
SB - "Which Welsh actor played James Bond? What was his first movie? Who did the title theme music?"
George - "Timothy Dalton, 'The Living Daylights', A-Ha"
SB - "Congratulations, George. You have passed your mission."
Ruud - "'Recruit Class' please"
SB - "Which actress played the villainous henchwoman Xenia Onatopp?"
Ruud - "Famke Janssen !!"
SB - "Congratulations, Ruud. You have passed your mission"
Kelly - "'Recruit Class' question, SB"
SB - "In which movie will you find 'Little Nellie'?"
Kelly - "That's the **** helicopter-thingie that flew over volcanoes in Japan ... er ... Nancy Sinatra did the theme music ... ermm ... 'You Only Live Twice'?"
SB - "Congratulations, Kelly. You have passed your mission"

Mission Accomplished

SB - "Congratulations, Sim Brother House. You have all passed your missions and have a Department Budget of §15,000 to spend on luxury items. You will can decide how to spend this on Saturday."

"For the rest of the week, a present from Sim Brother is at your disposal. Sleep well, housemates. You'll need all the sleep you can get."


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