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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 27 (Wednesday 10 September 2003)
Lets Get Physical
Previously ...
Maggie and Kelly barely get the time to let the fact that they have been nominated for eviction sink in as Sim Brother has them all turned into James Bond characters for their weekly assignment. Their research paid off and they all passed their missions and were given a 'Departmental Budget' of ยง15,000. However, Sim Brother ended their day with telling them something else was coming to fill in their time and exercise them to the limits. What would it be?

Sleeping Arrangements
12.51am - All of the housemates are in bed. Graham is asleep in the Head of House bedroom, Maggie, Kelly and Ruud are in the girl's room and Will and George are asleep in the boy's room.

Avid's Opinions
07.05am - Avid is once again outside the house - "Let me in, Sim Brother. I want to be housemate. I will be best housemate ever. I love Kelly. I love Graham. I love everyone ... but Will. Will is stupid rubbish. Kick him out. You will like me. I am warm."

A Present from Sim Brother
7.33am Ruud is the first housemate up and has been emptying the garbage compactor and notices something outside in the garden that had not been there before. Upon closer inspection, he found that Sim Brother had provided the housemates with a volleyball court.
9.29am - The housemates are sat down having a cooked breakfast that was again prepared by Graham.
Sim Brother (RL) - "Hey gang! We've given you a volleyball court for you to keep busy for the rest of the week. We want you to be fit and healthy and to have fun. "

11.16pm - Maggie is washing the dishes in the bathroom sink.

12.18pm - Graham is on the patio which is infested with cockroaches - "Urggh ... horrible beastly things ... yeuchh"

Three Friends
1.06pm - Ruud, Kelly and Maggie are sat around the fire.
Kelly - "I can't believe Graham nominated me."
Maggie - "I am very disappointed with him ... but I'm used to it."
Ruud - "You two are my best friends in here. I will be sad to see either of you go."

The A-Team & The Outcasts
3.28pm - All of the housemates are in the garden playing volleyball and split up into two equal teams.

Graham - "George, Will and I are 'The A-Team'"
Maggie - "Ok, then Kelly, Ruud and I am 'The Outcasts'. Let's thrash them!"
7.12pm - The Volleyball Marathon finally comes to an end with 'The Outcasts' winning by 4 sets to 3
Maggie - "Well played, team"
Kelly - "I can't speak for you lot but I'm shattered"
Graham - "Well played, team. It was close."
George - "I think I want to be on their team next match"

Gourmet George
8.59pm - The housemates are all sat around the table enjoying a spicy chicken curry with a side salad prepared by George
Maggie - "An excellently cooked meal, George. I wish I knew the recipe."
George - "There's corriander, lemon grass, some herbs I found growing under the wall."
Will - "I would never have thought you to be a gourmet chef."
Graham - "This is yummy, George. A man of many talents."

Maggie, the Third Timer
10.29pm - Maggie has been called to the Diary Room
Sim Brother (JEJ) - "Good evening, Maggie. How does it feel to be nominated for the third time in a row?"
Maggie - "It's sickening. I'm fed up of waiting all week to find out whether it is my turn or not."
Sim Brother - "Why do you think they keep nominating you?"
Maggie - "Threat, opposition, better competitor, quiet personality. I don't know, dear. I've survived two nominations but I don't think I can do a third."


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