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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 28 (Thursday 11 September 2003)
Playing & Betting
Previously ...
Sim Brother has presented the housemates with a volleyball court which they all put to good use in a marathon session. "The Outcasts" of Ruud, Maggie and Kelly beat "The A-Team" of Graham, Will and George.

Breakfast with Maggie
7.23am - Maggie is the first of the housemates to wake up. This could be her last full day in the Sim Brother house. After showering and dressing, she prepares the housemates a fully cooked English breakfast.
Will joins her at the dining table.
Will - "This is a really good breakfast, Mags. Thankyou."
Maggie - "I'm glad you like it dear. Can you taste the arsenic I've laced it with?"
Will - "If you had laced it, I'm sure my grandma would have you in the Tower of London quicker than you could say 'Harry Potter'"

Kelly wants to stay
11.38am - Kelly is called to the Diary Room
Sim Brother (SC) - "Good morning, Kelly. Please try not to swear but how would you feel if you were evicted tomorrow?"
Kelly - "I would not be pleased. It's cool in here and I don't want to go. I know Christine "Yuckleerer"'s best buddy was in here before me but I'm having fun. I want to ...... get closer to Ruud before I have to go."

A Gentleman's Bet
12.58pm - Ruud and Will are in the garden talking about women.
Will - "Ok, Ruud, we've both got close to the girls in here. Let's make a gentleman's bet that the one who gets a full blown snog from one of the girls has the pamper the other for a week."
Ruud - "I think I've got more style than you, Will, so prepare to serve instead of be served."

Getting into Movies
2.16pm - Maggie is once again cooking, this time preparing burgers for lunch for the housemates.

Will and George and playing volleyball.
Will - "Is it hard getting a role in a movie?"
George - "It used to be. You should have no problem with your uncle having his own movie company though"

The Players in Action
9.21pm - Will is trying his charms on with Kelly. Apparently, worrying about what his grandma and dad might think appears to have been forgotten.
Will - "Kelly, how do you feel about getting to know me better?"
Kelly - "I can hardly see you taking me to Buck House for afternoon tea with your grandma"
Will - "Er ... I was more meaning in here"
Kelly - "Play your cards and treat me right, you might be in luck tomorrow night" *winks*
10.48pm - Later in the garden, Ruud is sweet-talking Kelly
Ruud - "Your hair is like your character, fiery, red and passionate"
Kelly - "Mmmm ... what a charmer. I wonder how good your tackle is. Perhaps I could see it later" *winks*


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