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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 29 (Friday 12 September 2003)
The Third Eviction Day
Previously ...
Being exhausted from the day before, the housemates have a quiet day around the house. To liven the fun, Will and Ruud have a gentleman's bet as to which one of them will get a "full blown snog" with one of the girls first and that the loser becomes the other's servant for an entire week.

Sleeping Arrangements
1.48am - Graham is getting into bed in his room for the last night of his having the Head of House room.

Once again, Ruud and Kelly are sharing the same bed but there is still no sign of the "full blown snog" that Will wants.

"Bloody Maggie"
6.06am - After finishing her shower, she goes into the pool room and mixes herself a round of drinks - "I don't care how early it is or how this turns out, I'm thirsty. Coke, grenadine, tomato juice, orange juice and a shot of whiskey. I think I'll call it a 'Bloody Maggie'"

Burnt Breakfasts
7.56am - Kelly is just getting up, pondering that this could be her last day in the house as well.

Ruud is up preparing breakfast, but too much fat in the frying pan and ignites and in minutes, the cooker is in flames but Ruud is able to extinguish the flames.
9.28pm - With Ruud's breakfast ruined, both Maggie and Kelly prepare breakfast for the housemates, one of whom knowing that it will be their last.
10.15am - During the night, Sim Brother has provided the house with a dishwasher. Maggie is the first one to try it out - "Sim Brother, I just wish you could have put this in earlier"

Stressed Kelly
10.33am - George is talking to Will about what to wear for the evening.
Ruud is talking to Kelly.
Ruud - "Do you think you might be going tonight?"
Kelly - "How the **** do I know? Can I press a few buttons and register my vote?"
Ruud - "Sorry I asked."

Preparing for Eviction Night
5.12pm - Fans of the series are there early, waiting for the eviction. One of the female fans appears to be extremely frustrated - "I thought there would be more that I could photograph than just this ******** door !!"
If she could see inside, George and Will are preparing for the evening eviction by having a shower to look good for the cameras.
The different nominees are taking things in different ways.

Maggie is having a last sleep and is taking is easy.

Kelly, on the other hand, is out in the garden playing volleyball with Ruud.

The 3rd Eviction
11.30pm - The housemates are gathered together for the 4th Friday night to say goodbye to one of their number. They do not have long to wait.

Will Wright - "Good evening, Sim Brother house, this is Will Wright. You are live on TSZ Livestream so please do not swear."
All - "Good evening, Will."
Kelly - "****** that"
WW - "This week, the viewers of TSZ have been voting to evict one of you from this house. That poll is now closed. The votes have been counted, checked, double-checked, triple-checked - "
George - "Just get on with it !!!!"
WW - "With 61% of the vote, the third person to be evicted from the Sim Brother house will be ......"



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