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Sim Brother Series 3, Special Article
The Dame's Farewell
Maggie's Farewell
George hugs Maggie goodbye - "I'm sorry we didn't spend more time together. I hope we both star together in a movie sometime"
Maggie - "You can count on it, Georgie"
A kiss from Graham was refused
Graham - "Awww, Mags, I'll bring you on my show"
Maggie - "The day that happens, you'll be Queen of England"
Graham - "Aren't I already?"
A figure rushes from the crowd to be with Maggie. Avid has evaded security yet again
Avid - "I didn't want you out, I wanted you in with there with me and Will to be out here. Why have you not replied to my letters of the last four weeks?"
Maggie - "Push off, Avid!"

The Dame's Interview

Will - "Welcome to your Eviction Interview, Maggie. How does it feel to be out?"
Maggie - "Frankly, Will, I'm glad I'm out. It was a bit of a shock to be up against Hillary in the first week but I was pleased not to be evicted that first week. A break of two days and suddenly I find that I'm up again. I was sorry to see Oprah go, though. Although we didn't get on too well in the house, I wanted the opportunity to get to know her better. Another two days and suddenly, I'm up again. I wanted to stay until the end but I knew I'd be up again and again and again. The stress would have been too much."
Will - "I ask this to every housemate who has been evicted - "
Maggie - "You need a new scriptwriter then, dear."
Will - "What do you reckon was your worst moment in the house?"
Maggie - "All that gardening. When I went to get the seeds, I didn't expect I'd have to be the one to look after them and plant them. That chore can go to someone else now and he ... or Kelly ... is welcome to it. It was backbreaking."
Will - "And the best moment?"
Maggie - "Hmm ... perhaps there were a few. I enjoyed the company of Kelly and Ruud, I enjoyed the Halfway Party. Please let them have another soon, though. They're getting bored in there. And yes, the Volleyball marathon. Beating Graham and his team was very rewarding."
Will - "I thought you might have mentioned your inventing the Bloody Maggie?"
Maggie - "That's hardly a best or worst moment. I felt like a change, dear. I was bored and I saw the bar. I just gathered together what I could and mixed things up."
Will - "The series producer tried one. He was in the studio bathroom for hours."
Maggie - "The poor dear. He mustn't be used to drinking. I drank three of them before the room started spinning"
Will - "Of the people in there, who do you think deserves to win?"
Maggie - "I choose Ruud. He's a charming young man, he hasn't upset anyone, he can be quite entertaining. I really enjoyed his gopher stew and the chats we had."
Will - "And who would you like to see out next?"
Maggie - "Will. He doesn't need to be in the house nor need the exposure or the reward."
Will - "And what are you going to do now?"
Maggie - "In the same style of 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade', my agent told me I might be cast as Lara Croft's mother in the next Tomb Raider movie. Otherwise, it's the pointy hat and back to play my usual role for 'Harry Potter and the Seventh Expansion'."
Will - "Dame Maggie Smith, thankyou very much."
Maggie - "It's been my pleasure. Now where's the bar? I want to mix some Bloody Maggies."

Will - "That is our third eviction interview but for the fourth eviction, we're mixing it up a bit. This time, the housemates don't get to nominate who they want to go. All five of the remaining housemates are up for nomination this week. Who goes? You decide."


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