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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 21 (Thursday 7 February 2002)
Eviction Night Special
See you later, Housemates

WW - "You have five minutes to say your goodbyes before you must leave the Sim Brother house where I will meet you to bring you to the studio so we can hear your side of the story."

Jennifer was the first one to hug MNM - "It won't be the same without you". Annie and Anna were relieved but did not quite know what to say either to MNM or each other. The housemates gathered by the door to give MNM a guard of honour. Tom gave him a farewell hug as MNM walked out of the Sim Brother house into the real world.

I'm Outta Da House
WW - "MNM, how does it feel being the first person to leave the Sim Brother house?"
MNM - "I'm *** ** with it. One of the girls should have been the first. I was just getting used to it in there."
WW - "Who did you get on best with in the house?"
MNM - "I got on best with Tom. I'll keep in touch with him when he comes out. He had his own style with the girls, but hey, he's one of the guys."
WW - "Will you miss any of the girls?"
MNM - "J-Lo. We were good friends. My people will be talking to her people when she comes out about us doing a duet on my coming album."
WW - "What do you feel you got from being in the Sim Brother house?"
MNM - "I played some basketball, got to rub shoulders with some major players, learnt how to cook and learnt how to play chess."
WW - "What will you miss most about being in the house?"
MNM - "Apart from the people, nothing really."
WW - "What are you going to do now?"
MNM - "Have a few drinks, find a guitar and play some tunes."
WW - "We happen to have a guitar here, if you can see us out with a tune."

MNM - "# I'm Sim Shady, and I'm no mouse, I'm standing tall 'though I'm outta da house #"

And Then There Were Seven
For the rest of that evening, the housemates went about their usual business, reading and chatting. There was a subdued atmosphere in the house as if somebody had died. For the past three weeks, they had all been together and now, their numbers had started to go down.

Would their first two days without MNM be a case of "absence makes the heart grow fonder" or "out of site, out of mind"?


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