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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 32 (Monday 15 September 2003)
A Surprise for the Housemates
Previously ...
The housemates have had a quiet weekend. The main highlight was to be presented with the new task. Starting with easels, they have to let their creative juices flowing and create something out of nothing.

Nomination Apprehension
5.45am - All of the housemates but Ruud are gathered around the dining table having another of George's gourmet breakfasts.
Kelly - "Everyone psyched for the nominations?"
Will - "Well, I'm not blowing up the party balloons in readiness for it."
Graham - "I'm sure I'll be up this week. I can feel it."
George - "It's only a game. Let's enjoy it."

Keeping Busy
9.45am - The housemates have different ways of putting their minds off the expected nominations.

George is at work in the gardens on the easels.

Ruud is spending his morning cleaning the house from top to bottom.

"The Rules Have Changed"
1.30pm - The housemates are all gathered around the dining table.

Sim Brother (JEJ) - "This is Sim Brother. The rules have changed."
Kelly - "Oh ****, what now?"
SB - "For this week, all of you are up for nomination" All of the housemates cry out in shock "The polls are already open. You'll find out the 4th Eviction on Friday night"

Self-Eviction Prediction
11.42pm - Kelly and George are in the toilets.

George - "I don't know about you but this stinks."
Kelly - "Maggie survived three times. I don't think I'll be as lucky."
George - "It's out of our hands now. Let's do our best while we're still in here. This is a gameshow so let's put on a good performance for the viewers."


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