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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 33 (Tuesday 16 September 2003)
The Winner of the Bet
Previously ...
The housemates were wary about the nominations, only to find that they didn't have to make any and were all up for nomination this week. How will each of them avoid being the fourth evictee?

8.30am - It is Tuesday morning in the Sim Brother house. The housemates' efforts can be seen from the work they have left on the easels.

The woman's face was done by Will and the abstract picture was done by Kelly. Will's work shows a romantic flair and an interest in things sensual. Kelly's work shows that she either can't paint or is city planning for "Sim City 4"

The Bets Are On
Will and Ruud are playing pool. Will mentions their bet.

Will - "Things not going so good with Kelly?"
Ruud - "Too busy to pursue it"
Will - "Remember that bet, Ruud. I want a servant."
1.28pm - Their conversation continues over lunch.
Will - "If you don't make a move, then I will. The first person to give Kelly a passionate kiss gets a servant for a week. Are you too chicken?"
Ruud - "I'm still game. The bet is still on."

Winner in Love
4.54pm - While the other housemates are painting in the garden, Ruud and Kelly meet in the Pool Room. It starts with a romantic hug ...

5.06pm - Their closeness over the previous weeks has built up to this point as the two housemates kiss passionately.

The Royal Servant
7.00pm - Ruud and Will are painting.
Will - "I'm going to win this bet, Ruud."
Ruud - "It's too late ... I've already won"
Will - "You're kidding me. There's no way you can prove it!"
Sim Brother (JEJ) - "This is Sim Brother. At 5.06pm, Ruud passionately kissed Kelly in what could be categorised as a 'snog'. Therefore, Ruud is the winner of your gentleman's bet."
Will - "This isn't fair !!"
Ruud - "Will, as my servant, your duties will start tomorrow. Be prepared to be servile."

Bringing in the Trash
10.44pm - All of the housemates are in bed except George. He has been watering the garden and cleaning up, gathering rubbish and eyeing up what will be used in tomorrow's task. So far, everyone's ideas for creations are completely unknown.


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