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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 34 (Wednesday 17 September 2003)
Exhibition Day
Previously ...
Will brought up "the Gentleman's bet" that he had made with Ruud. Ultimately, it was Ruud who got the first passionate kiss from Kelly and he has Will as his servant until the eviction. How does Will accept the role and how will the housemates present themselves at their coming exhibition?

Graham's Nerves
2.02am - All of the other housemates are asleep. Graham is the only one still awake.
Sim Brother (SC) - "Hello, Graham. How are you?"
Graham - "A bit nervous about the task. My work is ready but I don't think it is enough to get to the Tate Gallery."
SB - "Considering this is the type of thing you do on your show, you should know what to expect."
Graham - "I just don't think it's good enough."
SB - "You'll find out tomorrow. Get some sleep and things will be better in the morning."

Group Dynamics
9.19am - Group Dynamics can be seen on the way that people sit at the dining table. At this stage in the game, it is more apparent. The seating is divided up into two halves and these halves are inequally balanced. Graham is sitting in the lower half on his own while the others sit on the top half. This shows either a feeling of inadequacy or superiority. Either way, it shows a feeling of isolation. Will and Ruud are quite close, seen by their seating. Kelly's confrontation would be with Will according to her choice of seat.

Master & Servant
Ruud has remembered winning his bet - "If I recall, you are my servant for the rest of the week."

Will - "But I've got nothing to wear"
Ruud - "I'm sure Sim Brother will find you something appropriate. Could you start by cleaning all of the toilets out? I don't know which one I am going to use first"

Before the Exhibition
5.43pm - Will is in the garden watering, weeding and harvesting the vegetable plot. Ruud is painting in the garden. In just over three hours, they all have to describe individual works of art that they have knocked together out of nothing.

Sculptures in an Exhibition
9.00pm - The housemates are all gathered together in what is now a gallery to exhibit their works and explain what their creations mean to them.
Will - "'The Head of Despair' is to remind people that the mediaeval habit of beheading wives that my ancestor King Henry VIII indulged in does not bring happiness. Although it did mean he had his fare share of the ladies, it ultimately brought immense sadness and despair in the form of a new mother-in-law."
George - "'The Rotation of Circumstance' shows the different parts in someone's life and that what goes around comes around. This mobile goes the way the wind blows. Sometimes you find what you've just seen fly by comes back ... it can be bad or good. You just have to make sure you duck before it hits you in the face."
Kelly - "'The Horn of Plenty' shows that there is music for everyone's taste at every time. From classical and heavy metal to country and (c)rap, music is there to soothe and entertain anyone and as life changes, so do the tunes coming from the horn, refreshing, inspiring and reviving."
Ruud - "'The Manager' is a representation of someone in the outside world whose fortunes will be dashed from my not being there to play for them. The dark colour and the grim complexion shows how I perceive Sir Alex to be thinking and feeling, missing my skills and contributions to the team."
Graham - "'The Beautiful Beast' shows that the inner beauty comes from within and not from the surface. This creation may look loud and brash but the eyes show the innermost feelings of the creature inside and the beauty of its thoughts and emotions."
Sim Brother (JEJ) - "This is Sim Brother. Your emotional and heartfelt descriptions of your objects and the quality of their designs have been noted ..... You have all been successful in this task and your reward for this and last week's task will be arriving at the weekend. Well done."


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