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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 35 (Thursday 18 September 2003)
The Last Man Standing
Previously ...
The housemates have excelled in their task to create something out of nothing in the way they described the works that they had created. However, Sim Brother has a nasty surprise awaiting them today.

A Familiar Layout
9.34am - In the garden, overnight Sim Brother has placed tiles of each housemate. For fans of the previous series, this may be something that they may find familiar.

A Nasty Surprise
12.17pm - The housemates are enjoying a lunch prepared for them by Will.
Graham - "I really enjoyed last night's exhibition. It reminded me of my TV show. I should do something like that again."
Sim Brother (RL) - "Hey gang! Guess what."
George - "What?"
Sim Brother (RL) - "Two weeks ago, we told you there would only be one Head of House ... not quite true. The Head of House will be here until the end of the show - even if they have been voted out this week - and he or she will make the nominations for next week."
Kelly - "This is a load of ****"
SB - "All dress up in Winter Outfits in the dressers and get yourselves onto your tile in the garden."
Graham - "Oh no, it's a Last Man Standing"
SB - "When you fall, the failed housemates will sit in the chairs behind the tiles. The last person still standing becomes the head of house""
Graham - "I told you so"
SB - "Off you go as this task is starting ... NOW"

Last Man Standing

3.30pm - The task has been underway for three hours.
Sim Brother (RL) - "Hey gang, just to keep you guys happy, we're piping in the TIME country music classic collection. You'll have an afternoon of Conrad Twitty, Tammy Wynette and Kenny Rogers. Won't that be fun?"
Kelly - "I'd rather have an afternoon of my dad's music"
SB - "Okay, we'll pipe some Black Sabbath in as well"
Graham - "Kelly, why didn't you keep your mouth shut?"
7.47pm - George is the first one to get off his tile. Unable to hold his bladder and unlike Graham willing to do it where he stood, he is the first man to fall.
George - "**** it !!! Why didn't I go before I started her?"
11.59pm - The housemates have heard 'Paranoid' and 'Stand by Your Man' four times already. Apart from George who has already opted out, only Will is showing signs of tiredness. Graham and Ruud are the only ones still standing who have not been able to hold their bladders.


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