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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 36 (Friday 19 September 2003)
A New Head of House
Previously ...
Sim Brother has thrown a nasty surprise on the housemates. Yet again, there is going to be a Head of House and it comes from being the Last Man Standing. Success brings voting rights and immunity from eviction until the end of the series. So far, George is the only one to drop out. The contest continues.

Unwanted Pests
1.05am - Will is the next housemate to collapse and is knocked out of the competition.

1.30am - Just when the housemates thought Heavy Metal and Country music was bad enough, Avid has been allowed into the house.
1.51am - Kelly is the next one to fall from the strain of having been standing for so long.

As if Avid on his own wasn't bad enough, Sunny the Psychotic Clown has come along to try and cheer the housemates up. Avid is not pleased - "I am one to please lovely housemates. Go away, you rubbish carnival freak."
4.45am - Kelly cannot get any rest on the seats in the garden and irritated by Sunny slaps him across the face - "Now, ****** off, you freak!! Go and torment the American Big Brother 4 house instead."

Finding a Winner

5.13am - It's all over ... but there is a dilemma as both Ruud and Graham hit the ground simultaneously. Even the split second photography could not determine who hit the ground first.

Sim Brother (SC) - "Will and Ruud, you are the final two. The first one who gets to sit in the Diary Room chair is Head of House."

"And the winner is .... RUUD"

Interrupted Sleep
7.32am - Will, Kelly and George have been trying to sleep in the lounge but are all rudely awoken by Sunny the clown.
George - "Get your backside out of here before my foot makes contact with it!!"
Kelly - "Not if I don't kick him where it'll really hurt first!!"
To avoid bloodshed and a work-related injury claim from Sunny, Sim Brother withdraws him from the house.
9.55am - Ruud and Graham have fallen asleep in the Diary Room.

3.02pm - The housemates have all relocated to the bedrooms to escape Sunny and get some proper sleep. George is the first one awake.

Late Starters
8.00pm - It has taken all of the housemates a long time to wake themselves up. Ruud and Will are chatting amicably.
Ruud - "You were a good sport for going along with the bet. As one of us might be leaving in a few hours, we can forget about it"
Will - "Thankyou, Ruud. I appreciate that, although it was nice to dress up in a good suit and clean toilets."
9.10pm - Sim Brother has provided the housemates with the costume trunk, filled the buffet and provided a punchbowl.

Ruud - "Let us enjoy tonight together and I hope we all have a good time together."
George - "No point in being moody"

To Evict or Not to Evict ...

Sim Brother (AR) - "This is Sim Brother. In the five weeks you have been in the house, you have come to expect the unexpected and that the rules have changed. Quite smart for the five cretins who are left."
Kelly - "Where's Will Wright tonight?"
Graham - "What's the acid queen got planned for us now?"
SB - "Your stomachs are all churning from wondering which one of you is going to be evicted."
Will - "Put us out of our misery!!!"
SB - "No. You've got another 24 hours to sweat. Enjoy your evening and we'll see you here again tomorrow. Goodbye ;)"


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