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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 37 (Saturday 20 September 2003)
The 4th Eviction
Previously ...
Ruud has become the Head of House from the "Last Man Standing" contest, meaning he will be here until the end. Expecting evictions on the night, the nervous housemates found that Sim Brother had "done a Gos" and postponed them for a day.

Unhappy Housemates
2.10am - Graham is harvesting the crops. Will and Kelly are in the garden.

Will - "I'm really starting to hate Sim Brother. These rule changes are playing havoc on my stomach."
Kelly - "I'm going to throw up if we don't know what is going to happen next."

Morning Conflagration
6.08am - Kelly is the only housemate up and is trying to prepare some breakfast. Once again, too much fat in the pan and the cooker bursts into flames. She quickly grabs an extinguisher and screaming "Die, you ******", she fights the flames.

Growing Anxiety
2.09pm - Ruud and Kelly are talking over a late lunch.

Ruud - "How are you feeling about the eviction being postponed?"
Kelly - "My guts are knotted and I can't keep any food down. It hasn't been this bad since my dad used to sing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' to me in full performance makeup. I was terrified."

No Score for Ruud
6.43pm - In order to fill in the time, Kelly tries to persuade Ruud to get into bed with him.

Kelly - "C'mon, Ruud, let's see if you can score"
Ruud - "I am happy to score with my team football strip on in front of a massive crowd, but not in the Sim Brother house with my tackle for all to see. I'd rather score in private."

Penguins & Llamas
Ruud and Will decide to dress up formally for the eviction.

George and Graham are in the garden.

Graham - "This is Snuggles, my cuddly llama. I take him everywhere with me."
George - "Err ... yes, Graham. He's very cuddly."

The 4th Eviction

11.45pm - The housemates are gathered in the lounge once again.

Will Wright - "Good evening, housemates."
All - "Good evening, Will"
WW - "This week, all of you have been up for the public vote."
Graham - "And don't we know it."
WW - "The polls are now closed. The voting has been counted and checked, verified by an independant adjudicator, sent to the Supreme Court in the event of anything dubious happening and finally sent back to us."
Will - "Please get on with it!"
WW - "With 31% of the vote, the 4th person to be evicted from the Sim Brother house will be ......"



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