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Sim Brother Series 3, Special Article
Kelly's Eviction Night Special
What Kelly had to say

Will - "Welcome to your Eviction Interview, Kelly. How does it feel to be out?"
Kelly - "Can't be helped. I'm out and that's all I can say without swearing my ******* head off. Staying to the end would have been really cool and I did have a great time in there. Apart from Ruud, the guys were all a bit of a washout so there was nothing left for me to do in there. Perhaps Will had something in him, but he wasn't Head of House and didn't have a decent bed."
Will - "It's extraordinary how fickle the viewers are. Between evictions, they voted you the person who most deserved to win. What do you have to say about that?"
Kelly - "The ******* two-faced ***** !!"
Will - "What do you reckon was your worst moment in the house?"
Kelly - "Last Man Standing and when that ******* clown turned up. I've heard 'Paranoid' too much when I'm home. To get it in here was even worse. When that freak turned up, I flipped. Also, when he woke me up in the morning, I would have killed him if Sim Brother hadn't got him out of the way."
Will - "And your best moment?"
Kelly - "That would all be to do with Ruud. He made me laugh and wow, is he a good kisser."
Will - "You seemed a bit disapppointed he wouldn't play in bed with you."
Kelly - "I was well ****** with it. We slept together a few times and apart from a few cuddles, that was it. Sleep. He was camera shy."
Will - "I'd hazard a guess he's the one you'd like to see win."
Kelly - "Most definitely. He's not one of the loudest of people, but he's kind and caring."
Will - "And who would you like to see as the last evictee?"
Kelly - "George. He's too quiet and he hasn't come out of his shell. Also, Graham and Will might have something going if George goes."
Will - "How do you think they'll get on without a single woman in the house?"
Kelly - "They'll be bored. All they will be able to do is talk and play volleyball. They'll be bored stiff."
Will - "If you had a chance to go back into the house without the chance to win, would you take it?"
Kelly - "Most definitely. I'd go in and stir it up a little."
Will - "And what are you going to do now?"
Kelly - "Watch and wait. I'm going to spoil myself, watch the show and wait for Ruud coming out."
Will - "Kelly, thankyou very much for talking to me."
Kelly - "Didn't have much choice. It's part of the contract."

Will - "That was our fourth eviction and for the last eviction, it's all up to Ruud. All I can guarantee is that for the first time, there is going to be a guy who is going to be in this chair next week. See you next week."

Behind the Camera
I could say that the housemates and TSZ production crew have all been caught in cryogenic suspension for a week but that wouldn't quite be true.

The setbacks have been due to real life work and other problems getting in the way. However, please stay tuned for the last two weeks and find out what other twists Sim Brother has planned for the remaining four housemates.


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