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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 38 (Sunday 21 September 2003)
Four Men in a House
Previously ...
Kelly is the latest eviction from the Sim Brother house. Nevertheless, life has to go on for the four guys remaining in the Sim Brother house. How will they spend the budget they have allocated and what weekly task does Sim Brother have for them?

During the Day
6.09am - Day 38 in the Sim Brother house and it is the morning after Kelly's eviction, leaving the remaining housemates without any female company. Ruud is the Head of House having won the Last Man Standing challenge and is the first one up.
2.19pm - The morning went uneventfully. Graham was speaking to Ruud in the Pool Room.
Graham - "I'd really like to be here to the end. It's sooo exciting now it's getting this close."
Ruud - "I am happy that I'm here until the end. I just regret I am the one who decides which one for certain is coming with me into the final week."

Spending the Budget

6.00pm - The housemates are called together.

Sim Brother (SC) - "Good evening, housemates. Carrying forward the Department Budget of §15,000 and adding to it the value of your exhibits, you have §40,000 at your disposal. You can buy things for the house, you can gamble it on the next task, you can divide it between you to spend on the outside or any combination of the above. Talk among yourselves as to decide what you'd like to do with it."

George - "I didn't come here for the money, so I'm not bothered with taking anything with me."
Will - "I haven't really got any financial problems so I don't want it either."
Graham - "I'm one of the best paid stars on TV at the moment so there's no need for money there."
Ruud - "Nor me. Money is no problem ... so do we gamble it or spend?"
Will - "Gamble half, spend the rest?"
George - "Fine by me."
Graham - "A wonderful idea !!"
Ruud - "Then it's settled. We will refit the house with what we want for the value of §20,000."

Fit for Freefall

Sim Brother (SC) - "Now your Department Budget is allocated, here is the briefing on your next task. This week, you must undergo a rigorous fitness regimen in order to be strong and healthy to face the Freefall Challenge on Thursday. The fitter you are and the better your coordination, the better you will perform. Your investment has been noted. Your performance will be evaluated by instructors of the Parachute Regiment and only one failure is allowed. If you all succeed, your investment will be doubled and given to charities of your choice."

Fit ... and not so fit
10.42pm - All of the housemates immediately get down to work on the task. Ruud being a sportsman already is in prime fitness (Ed: A hat-trick against Chelsea yesterday proved that).

One of the other housemates is not in that good shape and has a lot more work to do.


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