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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 39 (Monday 22 September 2003)
Ruud's Choice
Previously ...
The housemates have chosen to gamble half of their budget on this week's task of getting fit and learning to freefall. They have all tried to influence Ruud who will choose which of the other three will go with him into the final week and leaving the other two to the public vote. Who will he choose?

On the Morning
7.05am - George and Ruud are the first housemates up. George is busy preparing breakfast while Ruud is playing SC3K, allowing earthquakes to rip through Brodie City that Maggie had saved.
8.51am - While Ruud is in the bathroom, the other three housemates are around the dining table.
Will - "Ok, chaps, who do you reckon he'll exempt from nominations?"
Graham - "Unless he's taken a shine to the others here, it's quite clear to me."
George - "I think it's clear cut too, guys. I'm going to wash these plates and get down to work."

Before the Vote
12.30pm - The housemates have spent the morning freshening themselves up. Ruud and Graham are sat around the table.
Graham - "Any inkling which of us two you will be saving?"
Ruud - "I know who I want to take with me through to the last week with me. My decision is made."
Graham - "I thought it might be."
1.28pm - George is in the garden harvesting the last of the crops.
Ruud is in the former girl's bedroom that is now the gym.
Sim Brother (AR) - "Ruud, if you can take a few minutes to stop playing with your new toy, get to the diary room"

Ruud's Choice
2.00pm - Sim Brother (AR) - "This is a pointless exercise but which of the housemates are you guaranteeing a place in the final week with you and why?"
Ruud - "That will be WILL. I enjoyed the camaraderie we had with the bet over Kelly and I find him to be good company. Therefore, GEORGE and GRAHAM are therefore up for eviction."

Afternoon R&R

4.00pm - In order to help with their fitness, Sim Brother has returned the volleyball court. On the afternoon, Ruud takes on George and Graham while Will washes his hair.

6.00pm - Ruud beats George & Graham by 3 sets to 0

Housemates Informed

10.30pm - The housemates are gathered together in the lounge

Sim Brother (AR) - "Well, housemates, what I'm about to tell you is all down to Ruud here. If you want to kiss his backside or kick it, it all depends on who you are.

"So, the lucky person to stay until the end with Ruud is ... Will.

"Therefore, George and Graham, you are both up for the public vote and on Friday night, one of you is out of here. Goodbye" *winks*

Graham & Will
11.40pm - George and Ruud have both gone to bed. Graham and Will are together on the couch.

Will - "I didn't expect I would be the one to stay"
Graham - "I think it was a foregone conclusion, Will. Now if I go, I'll be fine but I'd like to see the last week too."
Will - "It's getting very hard in here."
Graham - "Oh really? You must show me =)"


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