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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 40 (Tuesday 23 September 2003)
Flying like a Bird
Previously ...
Ruud chooses Will to stay with him into the final week and that George and Graham are up for the public vote. Out of adversity come strange bed fellows and again Will and Graham appear to be getting closer. Will anything develop?

Two in a bed ... again
2.40am - Once again, Will and Graham are sharing the double bed, although there are now sufficient beds to go around.

6.05am - Will and Graham are the first ones up.
Graham - "I'm not going to tell what has happened, are you?"
Will - "What is there to say?"

On the morning
6.32am - Ruud is watering the flowers around the house and gardens ....
Will is emptying the Trash Compactor ....
Graham is having a shower and George is still in bed

The Freefall Zone

1.25pm - The Freefall Zone has been positioned in the Gallery. Ruud is prepared to have his first attempt to freefall.
2.04pm - After being in the Skydiving Chamber for only 39 minutes, Ruud calls it a day.
3.32pm - Ruud, Will and George are playing volleyball. Graham makes the effort to give it a practice.
4.29pm - After some quite impressive moves, Graham calls it a day.
Graham - "Woweee!! That was fun!"

Today's Volleyball Score
3.30pm - Will is taking on both Ruud and George at volleyball - "This is going to make up for my missing this yesterday"
7.16pm - The game finally comes to an end, Will having beaten the others by 4 sets to 2.

Will to win?
9.33pm - Will is called to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (JEJ) - "Good evening, Will, and how are you this evening?"
Will - "Good evening, Sim Brother. I am very well, thankyou."
SB - "How does it feel to be in the final three?"
Will - "It feels really good. I knew Ruud and I had become friends through our silly betting but I didn't expect him to bring me with him into the last week."
SB - "For someone who originally didn't want to be here, how are you finding the Sim Brother experience?"
Will - "I'm thrilled to be here. I've surprisingly enjoyed myself."
SB - "And do you think you could win?"
Will - "I'd like to win. Whether I will is up to the viewers."


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