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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 23 (Saturday 9 February 2002)
Another Task and Another Warning
DAY 22 - Missing MNM
It was the day after MNM became the first evictee from the Sim Brother House. Jennifer was the first is the first one up on the morning. She felt that she was the closest to him and now he has gone, she has lost someone to talk to. She was not the only one to miss him. Over breakfast, the empty place at the table was noticed.
The last two in the house to get up were Tony and Anna. They had both been up late the night before, talking over the night's eviction and how things were going in the house. Anna was relieved that she had not been evicted but did not consider her position in the house to be safe.

At 11:22 AM, Davina came to the Diary Room to tell Sim Brother her thoughts about the first eviction - "It was funny being on the inside when someone goes. I am too used to being on the outside bringing people out of the house. It is very strange when you are inside seeing someone go. Even though I didn't really get on with him, I miss MNM".

The housemates spent a quiet afternoon. Tom and Anne spent the afternoon playing chess and the others just went about their own business.

Rekindling the Flame
Davina and Tony were the last to bed. They were in the lounge having a talk about things. Tony had not forgotten his argument with Tom and this had made him more determined to try and rekindle his relationship with Davina. He was successful, and Davina did not seem to mind either.

DAY 23 - A New Task
Anna could not sleep, so she got up at 3:30 AM to tidy the house. When she was on her way to empty the trash into the bin in the shed, she noticed a new addition to the garden. Naturally, she could not resist having a ride on it.

Five hours later, Sim Brother gave them the official details of their next task.
"This is Sim Brother. In the garden, you will find a Mechanical Bull. Your task for this week is to be able to ride it for an entire cycle on the Medium Difficulty Setting without getting thrown. You will be tested for this on Thursday and have three attempts at staying on. If anyone cannot do this, the entire group has failed. Please work out what % of your weekly budget you are prepared to bet"

The housemates immediately gathered together to make their bids. Anna and Davina thought that they had a good chance of passing this task. However, the other housemates were reluctant to make high bids. Because they had just managed to get by on half budget, they decided 50% was acceptable in the event that they failed.

Tom Explodes!
However, Tom did not have the task on his mind when he saw Tony and Davina having a hug. Tom could not hold back his jealousy and went over and punched Tony. It did not stop here and Tom then threw himself at Tony, who managed to gain control of the situation.

Jennifer got down to practicing for the task. She was surprised about the turn of events in the Tom-Davina-Tony situation but decided she was best off staying out of it all and not getting involved.
In the evening, Tom found Davina in the kitchen and gave her a piece of his mind - "You would be nothing in this house if it wasn't for me. I have made you popular and you have just thrown it back in my face by cavorting with that waste of space!" Davina - "Tom, I can make my own mind up. I am who I am because of me, not through your chosen selections. Get that right!"

Into The Diary Room
Davina was immediately called to the Diary Room to get her out of the ugly situation, and give Tom some time to calm down. SB asked how Davina was feeling. She replied - "I'm very upset about the way things are. Tom has changed and I don't know how I feel about him now. I still care for him, but he scares me"
SB - "Would you be happier if Tom was not in the house?"
Davina - "I just don't know. It might just have been a bad day for him"
Tony was then called to the Diary Room for how he felt about the fight earlier. He replied - "I was surprised Tom turned nasty like that. I knew he could get jealous person, but his attitude has changed over the last few days"
SB - "You are aware that someone starting a fight is against the rules and the person can be expelled"
Tony - "If it was down to me, I would let him stay and see if he cools down. We have just lost one of our housemates. It would be a severe blow to the house's morale for them to lose another one"
Finally, Tom was called to the Diary Room. He had been having a shower and had not had time to get dressed.
SB - "Tom, when you entered the house, Sim Brother told everybody about the rules. You were all told that fighting is against the rules. As you provoked a fight, you have broken this rule. Sim Brother will inform you tomorrow of its decision as to whether you will be expelled from the house"


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