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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 41 (Wednesday 24 September 2003)
Freefall or four fail?
Previously ...
The housemates have been able to practice their maneouvres in the freefall zone. How will they handle it today now they are up for evaluation?

George's Thoughts
12.41pm - George is in the Diary Room talking to Sim Brother.

Sim Brother (SC) - "How does it feel to be one of the final nominations for eviction?"
George - "It sucks bigtime. I want to get through to the end, complete my mission in being here and become the Sim Brother III winner."
SB - "What do you think of your chances to make it into the final week?"
George - "Graham is a strong contender. It could be a close run thing but I guess I could be the one having the interview with Will Wright on Friday night"

Who's the best?
1.31pm - As the housemates are gathering for the Freefall Challenge, Ruud and George are joking on about who is the best.
Ruud - "As the only professional sportsman in here, I should be the best."
George - "You really think so, huh?"
Ruud - "Yeah"
George - "Oh yeah? Gonna put your money where your mouth is?"
Ruud - "YEAH!!"

Falling Free
1.45pm - George is the first one to enter the Freefall Zone and within 20 minutes he is making elaborate spins. He finally stops and gets out at 2.50pm, having been in there for 1hr and 5 minutes.
3.15pm - Will enters the zone and after about 30 minutes, he gets the hang of doing somersaults. He finally leaves the zone at 4.35pm having been in there for 1hr and 20 minutes.
5.10pm - Ruud goes into the zone. He has some work to do to impress the instructors and within 10 minutes, he's into a downward spin. He leaves the zone at 6.28pm having been in freefall for 1hr and 18 minutes
8.15pm - Graham is the final contender - "Why couldn't I have had a pink jumpsuit? Blue is soooo passé.". Nevertheless, blue or pink, within 15 minutes, he is demonstrating somersaults and manages to keep it up until 9.49pm having been inside the zone for 1hr and 34 minutes.
Sim Brother (SC) - "All of you have managed to stay inside the Freefall Zone for over an hour, all of you have managed to execute an acrobatic manoeuvre inside the zone in that time, all of you have therefore passed this week's task and your bet has paid off ... double."


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