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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 42 (Thursday 25 September 2003)
Forfeit & Volleyball
Previously ...
The housemates have succesfully passed the Free Fall challenge, Ruud lasting longer in the Zone than George. What forfeit will George have to do because he lost?

George's Forfeit
7.05am - Thursday in the Sim Brother house. Ruud is preparing breakfast and George is about to do the washing up.
Sim Brother (AR) - "This is Sim Brother. Ruud was in the zone longer than George and therefore wins your bet. Sort it out among yourselves."

Ruud - "Find the most garish outfit that you can find and wear that until the eviction is over with."

"Prepare your speech"
2.42pm - George, now dressed as a Roman slave, and Graham are in the garden talking about tomorrow night.
George - "Neither of us are losers if we're evicted tomorrow"
Graham - "Forget that. I'm sure I'm going to get through. You'd better start preparing your speech."

Filling the time

4.42pm - To bring their final day as four housemates to an end, they start a long volleyball match to wind up their day. The match finally comes to an end at 10.44pm and the housemates go to bed, George and Ruud beating Will and Graham by 9 sets to 5

Behind the Camera
We recently visited the Wright Street branch of Simbrokes Bookmakers and spoke to Cyrus Regras, licensed bookmaker and manager, to find out about the betting for this series of Sim Brother.

SB - "How has betting been going this year, Cyrus?"
CR - "It has been quieter than in previous years but the interest is still there and a lot of bets have been made."
SB - "Regarding the latest eviction, where is the sensible money going?"
CR - "It's very tight this time. Large bets have been made on both Graham and George to be evicted. However, it looks like it might very well be Graham who is going out of the door. Betting changed earlier in the week when it looked like George would be out most definitely."
SB - "And the other big question on the lips of the fans. Who do the punters think is going to win?"
CR - "From what I am hearing, the sensible money is going on the person whose mother-tongue is not English."
SB - "Cyrus, thankyou very much for your time."
CR - "You're very welcome."

SB - "Tune in later tonight to find out whether Graham or George is going to be the last evictee from the Sim Brother House"


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