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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 43 (Friday 26 September 2003)
The Final Eviction Night
Previously ...
The housemates spent their last full day together having a 6hrs volleyball marathon and George spent the day dressed as a Roman slave as his forfeit from losing his bet against Ruud. Now it is the day of the last proper eviction from the Sim Brother house. Who goes? You've already decided.

Ruud - The Never Nominated Housemate
Ruud is the first one up and is preparing breakfast. He has spent the week living in the luxurious Head of House room that was decorated in the colours of Manchester United. Being the only housemate who has not been up for nomination, although he knows he will be here until the end, he does appear uncertain as to whether he will win.

Graham puts his foot in it
3.22pm - The four housemates spend most of their day their day in the garden. Graham manages to get his foot stuck in the waste bucket.
Graham - "Ewwwww .... get this horrible stinky thing off me"
3.45pm - With a bit of help from George and Will, he finally got it pulled off his foot. After showering, Graham chose his outfit for the eviction.

George or Graham to Go

Will Wright - "Good evening, housemates."
All - "Good evening, Will."
WW - "Here we are again for this the final eviction from the Sim Brother house. Graham and George, both of you have faced eviction before ... but this time for one of you, your time will be up. The viewers have been voting all week and the polls have now closed. These votes have been counted, checked, rechecked ..."
George - "Stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. We know the rest, Will."
Graham - "Just get on with it, Will. Put George out of his misery."
WW - "With 51% of the vote, our closest vote yet, the fifth person to be evicted from the Sim Brother house will be ......"



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