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Sim Brother Series 3, Special Article
Here's Graham!
Graham's Interview

Will Wright - "Good evening, and welcome to the Final Eviction Show, which is the tightest vote since Anne Robinson & Anna Kournikova in our first series. Graham, welcome to your eviction night special."
Graham - "Thankyou, Will. It's good to be here."
Will Wright - "So how does it feel to be out?"
Graham - "Frankly, Will, it's a pain in the backside. I wanted to be there to the end and I'm not."
Will Wright - "Does the fact the poll was so close make you feel better?"
Graham - "A little bit ... but I'm in this comfy chair and George is still in the house."
Will Wright - "What do you think was your worst moment in the house?"
Graham - "I enjoyed all of my time in the house so really the worst thing that happened to me was when you told me I was being evicted."
Will Wright - "So ... if your time was all good, were there any times that you would reckon are better than others?"
Graham - "I enjoyed my week as Head of House and having my own room. I enjoyed my time in the Freefall Zone and in the Tank. I enjoyed it all, Will"
Will Wright - "And what about the housemates?"
Graham - "I enjoyed making a lot of good friends in the house. My special friend that I hope to keep when the show is over is Will Wales. I doubt I'll get a knighthood or on OBE from being his friend, but it might be fun."
Will Wright - "You guys did seem to be very close and did share a bed together on a few nights. Did anything happen?"
Graham - "Yes ... we slept and if you think I am going to tell you any more, you can forget it. I'm not even going to tell you if he snores."
Will Wright - "As you're out of the house, you have no chance of winning ... so who do you feel should win Sim Brother III?"
Graham - "That's easy. It's Will. He is young, lively, vibrant and good fun to be with. I think he should win without a shadow of a doubt."

Will Wright - "And now you're out, what are you going to do?"
Graham - "I'm going back to my show and get the audience to paint pictures or create effigies of George Clooney ... and burning them on LIVE tv."
Will Wright - "Graham, thankyou for coming here today and telling us of your time in the house."
Graham - "It's my pleasure."

Will Wright - "Stay tuned to our reports during the final week ... where the housemates are getting a sleepover guest"


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