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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 44 (Saturday 27 September 2003)
The Final Hustings
Previously ...
With 51% of the vote, Graham has become the last eviction from the Sim Brother house and the public are now voting for who they want to win the series. With three housemates remaining in the house, how are they going to canvass the public for support?

Vote for Me
There are only three housemates left in the Sim Brother house and one by one, they are called into the Diary Room to explain how pleased they are to be in the final three. They are all conscious that the public are voting for them and what they say counts.
George - "I am pleased to be in the final three because ...

I feel that it means the public have faith in me. I have faced the public vote twice and come through. Although I do not know if I can win, I would be a very proud man if I did. Otherwise, I'll be happy to be an also-ran.
Ruud - "I am pleased to be in the final three because ...

I have always wanted to be here until the end and I am happy to have just got to this stage.. Although I do not know how much public support I have as I have been lucky enough never to face the public vote, I would like to win this game.
Will - "I am pleased to be in the final three because ...

It gives me a chance to be the Big Brother Champion. I didn't want to be in this house and it was originally an unwelcome surprise but I've enjoyed myself here and I'd like to win. I hope I can count on the public to grant me my request.

It's Over to You
If you haven't already voted, now is your chance..

Who wins?

You decide

(SB: I've been itching to say that all series)


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