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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 45 (Sunday 28 September 2003)
"All The World's A Stage ..."
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The housemates are now into the final week and the public are already voting for their champion. What task does Sim Brother have for them to fill their time and help them impress the public?

Sing A Song for Sim Brother
4.30pm - It is a quiet Sunday in the Sim Brother house. With there only being three housemates left, there is little for them to do. However, Sim Brother still has a task for them to perform.

Sim Brother (JEJ) - "'All the world is a stage and we are merely players' as the great bard said. On Wednesday night, you are to put on a show for each other and a special overnight guest. You are all to become Karaoke singers."

Ruud - "The last time I did karaoke was after a match with the team."
Will - "I don't know that many songs."
George - "I can act but I'm not that good a singer."
SB - "A Karaoke Club has been set up for you to practice and perfect your craft. All materials to help you becoming better singers and performers will be made available. There is no betting on this task, but the better you do, the greater your reward. "

Behind the Camera - Who is Sim Brother?
During this series, there have been several Sim Brothers, all with their own distinctive personality. To those of you who watched Sim Brother II, some of these may be familiar. To help you identify them, these are who those initials indicate.

AR is Anne Robinson, the "Acid Queen", contestant in the first series and presenter of "The Weakest Sim"
JEJ is James Earl Jones, the famous actor who is especially remembered for being the voices of Mufasa in "The Lion King" and Darth Vader
RL is Ricky Lake, the lively and very bubbly talkshow host.
SC is Sean Connery, who our older viewers will remember as being the first and probably the best James Bond,

If there is a 4th Series, who would you like to see as Sim Brother?
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