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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 46 (Monday 29 September 2003)
Idle Speculations
Previously ...
The housemates have got their new task. They all have to perform karaoke songs in a concert on Wednesday. How will they get down to work and what do they have to think about?

Task Opinions
2.12pm - The housemates spend the day preparing for the task.

Ruud is busy going through his offkey vocal range on the microphones, while George sits and reads through the list of song choices trying to work out which one to pick. Will is watering, cleaning and cooking.
George - "Whoever thought up this task needs their head examining."
Ruud - "Whoever thought up this task needs to get acquainted with Cantona's boot."

Guest Speculation
4.30pm - After a late lunch and Will washes up, the conversation back in the "Karaoke Club" shifts to the coming concert on Wednesday Night.

Ruud - "I wonder who this sleepover guest will be. I hope it is one of the old housemates."
George - "Perhaps WW might be coming to see us."
Ruud - "We'll be seeing him on Friday anyway. I doubt he'll make a comeback. I'd like it if Kelly came back."
George - "If it's for singing evaluation, I'd prefer Britney. She could show us how it should be done."
Ruud - "I miss Kelly."
George - "I miss my agent."


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