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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 47 (Tuesday 30 September 2003)
Being Missed
Previously ...
It's Day 47 in the Sim Brother House. In three days, a winner will be decided but there is a task to perform first and a sleepover guest. The housemates have been getting down to work preparing for the task and wondering who the visitor might be. With another day to go, how will they fill their time?

Who and What we miss
11.15am - Ruud is doing the cooking, cleaning and gardening today. Will and George are in the Karaoke Club.
George - "Will, what are you looking most forward to when you leave here?"
Will - "Hard to say now, George. It seems like I've been in here forever."
George - "I miss having a door I can lock, being able to call my friends, taking a trip out somewhere, going to work. There is a lot that I am looking forward to doing when I leave here."
Will - "I have enjoyed it in here in having to do things for myself instead of having people do it for me. If you're listening, Dad, I owe you one."

George - "Of the housemates who have left us, who do you miss the most?"
Will - "If I narrowed it down to one, I think it would be Oprah. She was fun and intelligent and I enjoyed being with her. I was a bit too cocky then. Hopefully, I've matured a bit since then."
George - "I think you have, Will. I miss Maggie. With being in the same business, we had common ground. I miss her company and chats we had."
Will - "I'll also miss Graham. He was a good laugh. I'll also miss you and Ruud and I hope we can stay in touch after we're all out of here."

Behind the Camera - Odds On The Street
Once again, we took a visit to Cyrus Regras of Simbrokes Bookmakers to get the lowdown on the betting on the winner of Sim Brother III.

SB - "Thankyou for giving us some of your time, Cyrus."
CR - "No problem. What word from the street would you like to know this time?"
SB - "We'd like to know how the betting is going and the odds on the three housemates. Were your predictions correct?"
CR - "About the sensible money on the non-English speaker? Yes, they were. Ruud is currently down at Evens Odds to win."
SB - "That's quite a surprise. The predictions at the studio were more evenly spread."
CR - "If you want to make a bet that is somewhere in the middle, I am giving odds on Will to win at 2-1 but the interest in George is surprising and we're giving him odds of 4-1. We were expecting betting from the ladies on George but it hasn't been coming."
SB - "Thankyou very much for giving us the inside track. Any bets being made on the sleepover guest for tomorrow night?"
CR - "Quite a few ... Will Wright is at 3-1, Kelly coming back is at 2-1 but the sensible - downright crazy money if you ask me is ... no, I'm not going to tell you."
SB - "Cy, that's unfair."
CR - "You can surprise the viewers tomorrow if this betting is correct."
SB - "Thankyou once again for your time, Cyrus."
CR - "My pleasure. This time, I hope you'll make a bet before you go."


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