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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 48 (Wednesday 1 October 2003)
Karaoke Kings with an Audience of One
Previously ...
The housemates have still been preparing for the task and talking about what and who they are missing The housemates are unaware of how the betting is going on the street and are more speculating on who is coming into the house tonight.

Housemates' Preparations
9.45am - Day 48 in the Sim Brother house and the housemates have a concert to perform this evening.

George is the first housemate up and starts his day with a shower. Over breakfast, he and Will are dressed in what they might be wearing for the concert on the night and are wondering what Ruud might be wearing.
Will - "Ruud, why aren't you trying on an outfit?"
Ruud - "I'm going to wait until the concert itself until I show you my outfit."
George - "Keeping us in suspense, huh?"
Ruud - "I'm a man of many surprises" *winks*
10.45am - Ruud and Will are playing pool.
Will - "I think I'm going to change this image and be more radical."
Ruud - "Oh? Any hints as to what you're doing?"
Will - "No way. You are keeping your outfit a surprise so I am keeping mine."
Ruud - "Fair enough. I look forward to seeing what you have in mind, then."

The Sleepover's Arrival
3.00pm - The Sleepover Guest is none other than Avid Merrion and comes out from the Diary Room dressed in a kaftan - "Hello, Will, yes it is me! I am Assumpta Bin Liner, the Comedy Terrorist, and I am here to make you happy"
Will - "Hello, Avid." *groans*
Avid - "Let me give you cuddle. Do not fight it."
Will - "Get off, you weirdo."
Avid - "Will, you not nice boy. I go love Ruud instead. Where has Ruud gone?"
Both Ruud and George have suddenly made themselves scarce.

The Karaoke Concert
6.00pm - It is the time for the housemates to perform in the concert. Avid takes a seat in the middle of the row of seats and is heckling even before the concert begins.
Avid - "Come and sing for me, you rubbish."
George is smartly dressed in a light grey suit and his choice of music are the hits of Frank Sinatra.

Ruud is dressed in leathers and his choice of music are some of the hits of Elvis Presley.

Will is dressed in t-shirt and jeans and t-shirt and he sings the hits of Eminem

9.00pm - All performances get the same response from Avid.

Avid - "I love you ... but you is rubbish. Don't give up day job."
Sim Brother (RL) - "We beg to differ. Well done, guys. There's a buffet, bar and drinks machine for you to enjoy the rest of your night. Thanks for the show."


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