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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 49 (Thursday 2 October 2003)
The Last Full Day
Previously ...
The housemates find their sleepover guest is none other than the overly affectionate Avid Merrion, the Sim Brother No.1 Superfan. The concert goes well nevertheless, but how will Avid's night in the Sim Brother house go?

Affectionate Avid
12.28pm - The party is going well and the punch is flowing but Avid's affectionate nature is again getting the better of him as he tries to hug George and Will.

George - "That's ok, Avid. Nice and friendly. No funny business."
Avid - "You have nice firm bottom, George."
George - "Hands off."
Will, on the other hand, is still not as enthusiastic or accommodating as George.

Will - "Get off, Avid!!"
Avid - "You is not my best friend, Will. I am saddened."

Avid can't score

1.34am Avid managed to get a game of volleyball with Will but lost without scoring a single point.
Avid - "You are good player. You have strong muscles."
Will - "Err ... thankyou."
Avid - "Let me give you congratulatory kiss."
Will - "Err ... no thankyou."

Sleeping Arrangements
Avid - "Will, I want to get in bed for sleep and cuddles"
Will - "Find your own bed, Avid. Better still, get in with George."
Avid - "George's bed too small. I not like George. He rubbish. I like you. You will like me. I am warm."
Avid ultimately falls asleep on the couch in the lounge, snoring very loudly

Avid's Breakage
9.15am - Avid is the first one up and to thanks his guests for their hospitality, he cooks a breakfast of bacon & orange marmalade fritters. They don't all find it quite to their liking. "It is an acquired taste. I like it" he said to them. None of them come back for seconds, except Avid. While washing up, however, he manages to break the dishwasher and floods the kitchen.

Goodbye, Avid
3.27pm - Sim Brother (AR) - "Avid, it is time for you to leave the Sim Brother house."
Avid - "I don't want to go. I like it in here."
SB - "Get a move on! You know what you've got to say."
Avid says his goodbyes and manages to get a hug from George - "I still say you have a very nice bottom, George."
With that, Avid enters the Diary Room.
Avid - "I have had a lovely time here and Sim Brother ..."
SB - "What?"
Avid - "I like you. You are warm."
And with that last comment, Avid leaves by through the transparent door.

The Last Evening
10.28pm - With it being the last evening in the house, Sim Brother has laid on another buffet, music and punch for the remaining three housemates to enjoy in the Karaoke Club. They spend their evening drinking, chatting about mountain climbing and singing Rugby Songs. They are all in bed before midnight, preparing for the last day.


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