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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 24 (Sunday 10 February 2002)
Tom-v-Anne & Tony's New Admirer
Keeping Out Of It
It was Sunday Morning in the Sim Brother House and for the second morning running, Anna was the first one up and chose to water the garden. This time, she decided to water the garden. The rest of the housemates gradually got up and made breakfast, which they ate in the lounge, apart from Tom who chose to eat his meal outside on the patio.

NOBODY beats the Acid Queen
At 9:20 AM, Anne came to the Diary Room where she told Sim Brother that she was worried about the evident tension in the house between Tom and Tony and was concerned if it erupted into violence again.

Anne felt even more tense later on when Tom started nagged her about not supporting him in the bidding for the challenge. Anne snapped back at him - "If you had a brain, you'd be dangerous. As it is, you are just annoying" It will be determined on Wednesday whether her opinion of him had dropped enough when she makes her nominations for eviction.

A Final Warning
At 6:00 PM, Tom was called to the Diary Room for Sim Brother's decision.

SB - "It is the views of those involved that yesterday's fight in the garden did not have any serious effect. However, Sim Brother gives you a warning that if you break any rule again, you will be expelled from the house with no appeal"

On The Evening
Davina was in the garden practicing on the Bull as she took the task seriously. She had proposed a high bet because she said they could easily win. After she had practiced for a few hours, she went to bed.

Anna had a shower and later primped herself in front of Tony, who was quite flattered.

Tom's Dream
Shortly after, Tom went to bed and dreamt of sports - but the Sim Brother Psychologists are wondering whether he is dreaming about this year's forthcoming World Cup or whether it is this symbolic of viewing being in the house as a game and that strategies have to be used in order to get results ... or does he view Tony's head as a football that he wants to kick around the garden?


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